Right time to accept failure

Common Wealth Games – Where are we heading ? Isn’t it the right time to accept failure?

 India thought it was a great move to show off and seek the sponsorship for Common Wealth Games.  Firstly, it was a wrong decision, as we needed to spend money on accommodating the huts and slums and poor people in NCR, and not on building pools and stadiums and secondly, India is not yet ready to host such events!!

 Above all, it appointed a politician Suresh Kalmadi to Chair the same!!

 It should be wise to raise hands and accept with the Common Wealth that, we are going to mess with this mega event, and we will face a bigger insult and cause inconvenience and shame for Delhi & Delhites at the cost of immediate priorities. Time to face the moment of truth. Politicians cannot handle even politics, then why give them performance & timelines driven events. We all know the real reason why every politician wants to head the sports body!!

I think , we again took  a challenge thinking if China can host Olympics , why can’t India host the Common Wealth !! A wild dream for lethargic and corrupt politicians meddling in sports !!

 Time to wake up Dr.Singh and Suresh Kalmadi !

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