Solution for water crisis in Mumbai

Water woes in Mumbai – Solution that is tested, tried and is working well

I have been seeing that the issue of water crisis in Mumbai is becoming more serious as time passes by. It has been informed that the water reserve for Mumbai is only remaining for 200 days. Also, that there is water cut of 20-30 % in Mumbai. Imagine, if we get poor rainfall next season, or the monsoon comes late! As always, politicians are still getting as high as 3-4 lac litres of water per day (Read Governor of Mumbai who has been getting 3-4 lac litres of water for his lawns etc !! ).

 Solution: Let’s see what Mukesh Ambani did for Jamnagar Refinery Township. The entire water needs of the township comes from desalination plants. Infact, for quite a long time, the entire Jamnagar town got water from Mukesh Ambani’s desalination plant Can we not implement the same in Mumbai and other coastal areas?

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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2 thoughts on “Solution for water crisis in Mumbai

  1. yep surely government can think in this direction for Mumbai. In Jamnagar, desalination plant set-up may cost approximately 10-12crores but once it is constucted, there will pure desalinated water be available at nigligible cost ie Rs.50 per 1000litres hence only 5 paise for litre..!! 🙂

  2. I think this is the best way to solve the water problem.Even the Dubai govt does a desalination of abt 250 mn liters of water per day to keep the city green ,understanding its a desert converted to green island .

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