Budget Expectations – Preventive Care

January 25th , 2011. 

Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Minister for Finance

Government of India

North Block,

New Delhi -110001

Subject : One action item in the budget for 2011-12 that can raise the GDP by 1-3 %

Dear Pranab Da ,

I am sure that your team is working hard to find a balance between maintaining the growth, reducing inflation , keeping the debt within reasonable limits , and still maintain India as one of the most appealing investment destination for foreign investors !! I know that it is quite a challenge, but we are sure that your team will achieve it under your leadership

I am making this request on behalf of The Disease Management Association of India ; DMAI- The Population Health Improvement Alliance . At DMAI, we work with various stake holders to bring about a lasting improvement in our healthcare system Healthcare in India is a big economic issue and is fast turning out to be a social & a political issue .

Let me walk you through one reality – Healthcare is not an individual issue , it is a family issue . Take the case of a person suffering from just one of the chronic diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes , Cardiac disease or Cancer (It is a known fact, that by the time an Indian reaches the age of forty , he is either at the risk of or suffering from a chronic disease) . If a person in family suffers from a chronic disease , not only does that person lose his efficiency ( productivity ) , but loses many work days every year due to treatment and restrictions imposed during the course of treatment . In addition to the person having a direct loss in his productivity , his entire family has to make some adjustments & sacrifices , thereby having a cascading effect on the productivity of the entire family !! Ultimately, this affects the entire family , organizations where these people are working , and finally pulls down the productivity of the entire nation directly , which is what I understand as the GDP of our nation !

Pranab Da, just consider one step in your budget , and you would be the first Finance minister in the world to have given top priority to health to boost the productivity of a nation !

I am hopeful that you will allow expenses in meditation , Yoga , Swimming pool , fitness centers, Gyms & preventive health check-ups to be included in the rebate for income tax -Just like we have health insurance premiums which qualify for tax rebate . Health insurance is nothing but transferring the risk and payment to a pool, but what we need desperately in India is “Health Assurance” – avoiding diseases , and that means, we need to encourage healthy habits & provide appealing benefits to people to take to activities that promote fitness and take away sickness !!

I am sure that you will consider to levy a 4 % service tax on all the providers of services like meditation training , Yoga classes , Swimming pools , fitness centers, Gyms & preventive health check-ups , but also give rebate to the citizens who enroll in such activities . Further , I would request you to give equal rebate to Health insurance & Health Assurance in this budget in terms of the total amount qualifying for the rebate in income tax.

I am very sure that, the ministry of Finance and the entire nation would gain from the healthy population in terms of enhanced productivity and lesser loss of man days , in addition to a healthy collection of taxes from the service providers in the fitness segment that will add up the numbers drastically. I personally believe that this one step that has the potential to raise the GDP of the nation by a minimum of 1 % and can go as high as 3 % additional increase in GDP , which means that by 2012, India can grow at 10-12 % in terms of GDP by just taking one step in this budget !

In addition to the growth in GDP , our future generations would always feel indebted to your selves ,for taking this most important decision for bettering the healthcare of individuals & raising the productivity of the nation

I am sure that this very important recommendation would be considered positively and acted upon!

We will always remain thankful to you for the kind consideration

Yours in good health

Rajendra Pratap Gupta


Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi Dr.Manmohan Singh Dr.Murli Mahohar Joshi Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad Montek Singh Ahluwalia Dr.Syeda Hameed. Shri L.K.Advani Smt. Sushma Swaraj Shri Dinesh Trivedi Sitaram Yechury Members of Parliament Sam Pitroda Secy , Health & Family Welfare , GOI Dr.K.Srinath Reddy Chief Minister’s of States Dr.Salim Hebayeb, WHO Gerard M La Forgia , World Bank


Give us a Prime Minister – Manmohan Singh is a good professor but certainly not a PM material

Dear Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,

Since you are the President of Congress party , please look into this email

Over the last few years , we have tried to accept Dr.Manmohan Singh as our Prime Minister , but his performance as a congressman might be good , but he has failed completely as a Prime Minister . Congress has been blinded by Gandhi dynasty to such an extent that it has become poor in chosing the right people for the right job. May be that your and Rahul’s intellect is not upto the mark where you can choose competent people .

Over the years , congress government under your Presidency has become a government of faulty planning , false promises , blaming coalition for your failures and blame free investigations in most of the scams 

  •  This government has too many highly educated people, economists & NRI experts & advisors , but still the wisdom to understand the problems and give exact solutions is missing .
  •  Every time your Congressmen give a new date about controlling inflation , and every time they miss it . When the inflation is perpetually high , you blame coalition politics for it. So why do Indian’s pay a price for your forming the government ?Dissolve the government and go for fresh elections .
  • You are not able to judge the talent and most of your ministers are highly inefficient and corrupt , and we were hoping that Sharad Pawar would be removed so that he could focus on the ICC world cup in 2011( Which he will do anyways !!), but he seems to have hypnotized you !! He is still around !
  • Your party believes that , by revealing the names of those who stole the government money and deposited them in Swiss Banks , would pose a security risk ! So you are trying to tell India that, majority of your office bearers are Swiss account holders !! And that their getting caught would mean that the government would collapse !! Anyways , Julian Assange is on the way for dropping a few names , and I do hope that they are not from India & Congress !!
  • Industrial growth has been reduced to 2.7 % , lowest in the past 18 months . Would like to answer it why ? Rather , I must ask you if your people know at all why it happened ? 
  • People are very bullish about rural India, and every major FMCG , White good & vehicle manufacturing company is over- joyed with the growth coming from rural India in terms of the purchases being made . Let me take you through a very dangerous & disturbing development in rural India – I call it Rubble ( rural bubble ). I have been visiting rural India and talking with villagers . Here is what I want to tell you. Let’s take the example of Chavane village in Raigad. The village has changed dramatically in the past 3 years. It is great to see concrete (Pucca )houses with two wheelers parked in front of the houses. As you dig deeper , the facts reveal that people sold their land to MHADA for Rs.30,000.00 per acre for SEZ, and with sudden flow of funds, the thatched roof houses got converted into Concrete (Pucca ) houses, and two wheelers were also purchased along with some jewellery . Villagers had for the first time seen so much money, so instant money that came by selling land was used to make aspirational purchases , and it is over now , lands are gone as well !! What will the farmer do ? What will the farm labourers do ? How will they earn their living ? Let’s take another village 80 Kms from Nagpur , where Lanco plant is being built . Villagers have sold land for the rates as high as Rs. 25 lac per hectare . In India , average size of the land holding would be around 5-7 acres. Selling the entire land would fetch Indian farmers between Rs. 1.25 lac to 1.75 crore depending upon the size of the holding and the rate paid by the acquirer. On these lands , manufacturing plants would come up. We would never see greenery again. And farmers and their children who do not have jobs and land to do farming will be the next anti social elements or naxalites !! With land not available for agriculture , inflation would be higher than what it is today . Today farming is seen as a disdainful activity , and people want to do a job of Rs. 4000 but do not want to work in farming . Your congress government has kicked the ass of 100’s of millions of farmers over the past 60 years , and we are on a temporaray rural growth that I call as a rural bubble – Rubble !! India is headed for a major crises , & all because of the faulty policies of successive congress governments focused just on building billionaires , industries and encouraging FDI !! Get retail FDI in India , and see how the 12 million kirana stores and their families will starve to death . I have had discussions with the Parliamentary Committee of Commerce , Chairman in 2009 , Dr.Murli Manohar Joshi , and have given him in detail the reasons why we need to avoid FDI for the next 5 years at least !!
  • For price rise , last year ,Manmohan ji said that it was due to poor rains , in 2010 we had good rains and good crop , so why the price rise ? Kindly explain 
  • I was in Nagpur on 17th / 18th , and I read in one of the news papers about the fact stated by none other than Mr.Subramanian Swamy that, your bank balance was about Rs.10 crore some twenty years back , and now it is Rs.80,000.00 crore !! I think that this shows that inflation is very high at 10, Janpath . Please clarify if you actually made 60 % money in the 2G scam or this money came from abroad ? You are answerable 
  • Ironically , in the current times , we have a strong opposition but a weak ruling party . How can this government run ? If BJP comes down on its demand for JPC in budget session, Indian public will assume that it ‘settled’ the matter with congress and will never let them win again the seats that they are looking for, and if they keep their agitation on like the winter session , your government will have to go , and India will see a sign of relief !! 
  • Madam, congress might be your personal fiefdom , but not this country . You have created multiple power centers more powerful than the PM , like Rahul , NAC etc….You are the worst Congress President in the history of this country . But usual , we have a saying ‘Andhon main Kane Raja’ So you are the right person for the congress, which does not have any talent left !!
  • We have an outdated finance minister , unfit Agriculture minister , Hyper environment minister and an ineffective Person on the seat of the PM. All along, I have heard that we need 100 good people or 1000 good bureaucrats etc. But the fact is that , we just need one right person : at the seat of Prime Minister . One right person will change the future of this nation , and Manmohan certainly is a disaster at the cost of people . At this time , we cannot afford to have a lame duck as a Prime Minister of this youthful nation . Please give us a Prime Minister , we do not need a professor !! 
  • A suggestion for controlling food inflation : Please ask the government to start a daily free ( even if you charge the farmers for this service,  it is fine ) truck service from the remote villages to cities , where only farmers can come directly to the market and sell their products, rather than selling through agents , mandis or APMC . This will ensure that the person who adds maximum value and takes maximum risk for growing the produce ( farmer ) should also get the maximum profit . The profit at every point of sale post the harvestor ( farmer) should not cross 15 % , and this will bring down the prices to reasonable levels permanently . I read Subbarao stating that the government is desperate to control inflation and will raise the base rate , I heard Chidambram that government is clueless about the tools to control inflation , Sharad said that he cannot control what the farmers want to grow and so he cannot control food inflation . All these stupid statements come because you have bookish professors and so-called highly placed intellectuals and NRI & outdated advisors , who have no connection to ground reality . I do not understand how will raising the rates decrease inflation ? You have been doing this for the last two years and the result has been same – inflation has only increased . Do we need such economists who do not have answers to the common man’s problem ?
  • Do you never apply your brains about this fact that, the prices of the grains and vegetables are sky-high , still the farmers are committing suicides ? Does this not help you understand the problem and get an answer ? You all must be high level fools then !! 
  • In addition to high prices of food stuffs, by increasing the price of petrol again you have signaled the common man that ‘do not eat , do not go to work’

 Nitin Gadkari ji , please take up these matters with utmost seriousness , as congress is forcing the poor people to take to suicides by failing to control prices . If BJP does not take the matter seriously , the people of India will feel betrayed. Congress is fast becoming a failed party under you Sonia Gandhi ! Please either give us a PM or you and PM can go now ….. do not let this great country go to dogs !! This email is marked to Sharad, your dear son , FM , HM etc. to do some soul-searching and step down

Rajendra Pratap Gupta


Why JPC ? FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

As the country steps into 2011, memories of 2010 as the ‘year of loot and Scams & Parliament deadlock’ will keep chasing our minds, trying to find answers. Congress continues to use its good offices to give a wrong picture & keeps confusing the common man, painting a saintly image of the Prime Minister , Sacrifice of Sonia Gandhi for giving up the Chair of PM , side-tracking the issues of uncontrolled inflation and other glaring national issues concerning the common man, and blaming the opposition parties of sabotaging the winter session of the parliament . Here is a short document that presents a factual picture, as to why  the entire opposition ( and not just BJP )  is sticking to its demand for JPC & why is the Congress hell bent on opposing JPC, thereby sabotaging the parliament session ? Here are some of the facts;

  • On 23rd July 2009 , the issue of the 2G scam was debated for 3 days in Rajya Sabha,  & the Prime Minister still asked “What has Raja done” ? The BJP has always respected the people’s mandate and demonstrated highest regard to the constitution and safe guarded national interests. We must consider that , In Rajya Sabha, where Congress is in minority , BJP worked with the Congress to get the Suppliers liability corrected, keeping in view the Bhopal Gas tragedy,  and ensured that the Nuclear Liability Bill was smoothly passed . So BJP is not a party that will stall the proceedings of the house, leave alone a parliament’s session.
  • According to the Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG ) Report , Raja’s opaque and ‘Speed Allocation’ ( Telecom companies were asked to deposit the drafts within 30 minutes !! ) caused a loss of Rs. 17,60,00,00,00,000.00 to the government of India . This is besides the Common Wealth Games loot of about Rs. 7,00,00,00,00,000.00. Total money in just two of these scams is to the tune of Rs. 24,60,00,00,00,000.00. Is the demand for the Parliament probe not a fair & justified demand for looking into the government functioning, that blatantly looted the nation of money and brought down the respect of the nation before the global community ??
  • Despite the issue being discussed in Parliament , the Prime Minister did not act on the telecom minister , and the CBI kept its Masters ( Congress Government ) in good taste by registering a case without filing charge-sheets against ‘Unknown persons’ for this biggest scam !. It is clear that CBI had covered up the issue with its ‘Blame Free’ investigation. The scam and the ‘No response’ from the government was such a blatant ignorance that, on October 29, 2010, the Supreme Court had slammed the CBI for its “slipshod” investigations into the 2G spectrum allocation issue and even wondered how Mr. Raja was continuing in office.! We know what had happened in the case of Jessica Lal , where the investigation lead to the outcome that ,  ‘No one killed Jessica’, and if the congress government continued in its way of dealing this issue , the massive loot of the state exchequer would end up getting lost into files and years and finally fade away.
  • We must not forget that it was the Supreme Court that pushed the government to act, and then only after the entire opposition pushed the government, Congress had to sack Raja .
  • We must not forget that All India Congress Committee, AICC meet in New Delhi on 2nd November 2010, on the eve of 125th anniversary of Indian National Congress  did not even mention a word about corruption despite this glaring and shameless loot of the nation for lacs of crores !!
  • The parliament logjam is due to fight between the Arrogance & Rigidity of the congress to not to have a JPC , (so that AICC can maintain  the opaqueness of its dealings and keep doing the denigration of government institutions under its regimes to continue to loot this nation) , and the reports of the CAG , reason & logic of the opposition for a very basic demand to have a JPC , so as to set a strong deterrent & a lasting precedent to check the recurrence of these scams . On one side, the Prime Minister wants to appear before the PAC in complete disregard to the framework of PAC, and in addition , the government has decided to circumvent the JPC issue by asking the retired supreme court Justice Shivaraj Patil to probe the 2G scam. If the government is serious about bringing the guilty to book, why is congress shying away from JPC, which will also have a congress nominee to lead . But the fear of the Prime Minister stems from the fact that, in the JPC , there will be representation from all the parties as per the strength of the house in parliament .Congress is well aware , PAC does not have necessary mandate & is restricted , & even if PM presents his views to the PAC, it is not of much consequence . The fact is that , every time governmental transactions take place, CAG goes into those transactions. The CAG is like an internal auditor; it produces an audit report. The PAC’s jurisdiction stems from CAG only. It is restricted. The magnitude of this issue is far greater. Politics, government formation, policy formation, portfolio allocation distribution, people learning of  the government’s policy days in advance–these are not auditing matters, they are not accounting entries which PAC can go into. CBI can only determine the criminality of the issue; as to retired judges giving reports on policy, Then you have a PAC with a limited jurisdiction. The only body which can look into all institutional ailments is, the JPC. That’s why the entire Opposition and not just the BJP is asking for a JPC probe.  But BJP is firm that it will not give in and bow in to the tactics from Congress
  • Karnataka comparison with 2G scam and the reality ? Issues have been raised with regard to certain land transactions and land allotments. It has been an established practice according to which, the state chief ministers have the authority with regard to some discretionary allotments and to the release of land which they don’t require. Now, whether this was properly done or improperly done, questions can arise, and have arisen. There are various mechanisms going into those questions: you have the Lokayukta going into those questions; a separate commission has been appointed. Our party president has said he is taking somebody’s help in going through those questions. The issue is not closed. BJP is committed to complete transparency in its dealings , and time will prove that no wrong doing was ignored and no wrong person was spared under BJP.
  • If NAC ( National Advisory Committee) is needed , when a government with a PM & cabinet is functioning , why there should not be a JPC despite a PAC ? Congress must look into its double standards rule book, and then talk . BJP is a responsible party committed to highest values in governance for safe guarding the interests of every Indian
  • Congress calls the opposition irresponsible, and Pranab Mukherjee threatens a mid-term election, if the opposition sticks to its demand in the parliament for JPC – Public knows who is black-mailing !!

Prepared by Rajendra Pratap Gupta for the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

Email : Office@rajendragupta.in