President of India – Dont denigrate the office of H.E.

It is sad to see that , the person who destroyed the Indian economy ( Pranab Mukherjee) is likely to become the next President of India .

We , Indians must stop treating Rashtrapati Bhawan as an ‘Old age home’ . It is time to elect a President between the age of 45-55 years in age , who can inspire the youth and old alike with his understanding , passion  & energy for taking India forward

It would be sad, if Pranab Mukherjee , a rubber stamp of congress , becomes the President of India


2 thoughts on “President of India – Dont denigrate the office of H.E.

  1. No President of India took brave decisions. I will be the Next President of India.
    I am Honest. Brave to take Fair decisions. Desh Bhakta. Aged 72 still look like 60. No Health Problem.Leaders those who are Desh Bhakta they will vote for me.
    Dr.R R karel

  2. It is indeed a sad situation that the ‘politics’ is forcing such an unwanted person to the post while the same ‘politics’ should have ensured a real leader for the country. Afterall, Politics and Democracy were to ensure ‘the best of the best’.

    Wish we move to issue base politics from a cast, religion and social parameters. I never care whether i am buying my bread from a muslim or milk from a backward or forward class. And I am sure neither do they, but the politicians do ensure using it against all of us.

    Everybody understand that poor people need support but why people fail to understand that poor are there in every religion. A hindu born poor is in a worst state that a poor muslim, as the later would at lease get some support in form of revervations from Government. This on other hand would further torn the social fabric.

    Will our President imbibe a thought process where you take care of the needy irrespective of his religion, cast and creed.

    Jai Hind!

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