Quota for medical emergencies in Railways and Airlines

28th December , 2010

Ms.Mamta Banerjee, Union Minister for Railways, Government of India
Mr.Praful Patel, Union Minister for Civil Aviation, Government of India


Subject : Quota for Critically ill & Medical Emergency patients

Dear Hon’ble Ministers,
I have the honour to write to you on behalf of DMAI (Disease Management Association of India) – The Population Health Improvement Alliance, concerning Quota in trains and airlines for critical ill and medical emergency patients .For airlines, I am aware of the frequent flyers quota ( As a Platinum Member of Jet Airways, I am guaranteed a seat at the full fare 24 hours before departure ). I believe, that the members of Parliament have a quota with NACIL. The different quotas in railways in mentioned below .

General Quota
Ladies Quota
Head quarters/high official Quota
Defence Quota
Parliament house Quota
Foreign Tourist Quota
Duty Pass Quota
Tatkal Quota
Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
Physically Handicapped Quota

Though, it is a matter of shame that despite 63 years of independence, we still have a waiting list that never gets confirmed, and needy passengers lose a day or sometimes are not able to reach their destination in time for treatment or pay more to touts who gets the reservation under HOR (Higher official Requisition ).
Besides the poor planning from the railways, one thing is clear; that a common man and his genuine needs are clearly ignored. We are aware of the fact that, during medical emergencies , people have to carry the sick patients to the various national institutes like TATA Memorial ( Mumbai ), AIIMS (Delhi ), NIMHANS etc, for referral , surgeries and other treatments , which are in major mega metros, and that too, at short notice many a times ! Similarly, for various other ailments, the patients have to travel to major towns where the facilities are available, and this might happen at an extremely short notice, and such a travel is necessary to save a precious life most of the times

To be short and accurate, people have to travel from ‘Bharat’ to ‘India’ to save the lives of their loved ones. What I am proposing is that, we must have a quota for medically-ill patients with one attendant at least .This quota must be available for all trains and same for airlines .
How to implement this quota ?

Let this be a simple process for an already suffering family with a medical emergency. Idea is , not to waste the most critical resource; ‘Time’ . The station manager or the station master must be empowered to allow the patient with not more than a one page single form with Xerox of medical report and an identity card, referral letter from a qualified government or private practitioner. The station master could call the doctor to verify the letter and approve thetravel instantly, so that the patient could board the train even if s/he has reached just before the train departure time !!

If you want , DMAI could assist you with qualified volunteers to help frame the guide lines for this . Travel should be made free for railways for AC III Tier , as it has been the failure of the government to provide good care facilities uniformly across India , and people have to travel for treatment to mega metros and other major nearest town for treatment . The guaranteed reservation should be for to & fro travel

I am sure that this is a very genuine request and the government will work out the modalities for implementing this from the next budget itself

We remain at your disposal for further information & assistance , should you need in this matter

In hope of the needful with an action taken report

We wish you a great year ahead . Happy New Year .

Yours truly ,

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Copy to:

Dr.Manmohan Singh , Prime Minister , Government of India
Shri Pranab Mukerjee , Finance Minister , Government of India
Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare
Dr.Murli Manohar Joshi, M.P.
Arun Jaitley , Leader of Opposition – Rajya Sabha
Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition – Lok Sabha
Dr.Syeda Hameed, Member , Planning Commission of India .
Dr.K.Srinath Reddy, President , Public Health Foundation of India
Secretary for Health & Family Welfare Government of India

Stop this loot of our hard earned money by supporting defunct and inefficient public sector companies & being blind to private operators !!

Praful Patel

Minister of State for Civil Aviation

Ministry of Civil Aviation,

Government of India

Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,
Safdarjung airport
New Delhi -110003

Dear Mr. Patel,

I have been reading all that Niira Radia said about you, ‘ That, you ruined the Aviation Sector & that you work for Naresh Goyal’ . Well, i am not in a position to be judgemental about her comments .Nevertheless , as a frequent flyer ‘common man’ , and a concerned Indian, i am sending you some action points , which will be subject to RTI enquiry by January 16, 2011., in case , no action is taken or no written response from the Ministry within 15 days .

I know that you have been proactively involved though the media, for showing your concerns for high fares , and trying to bring down the fares of the domestic airlines . I am sure that you could  at least  create media bites because of the same . Through this appeal for action ,  i wish to share my view points on some action areas that might be worth your getting into, and showing your commitment  towards the passengers and the common man  .

  1. Today , i received a message from my friend from BJP, who had a harrowing time due to delayed Spice jet flight at the Delhi airport , he was made to wait for hours without being even served water !! I expect your ministry to come up with Guidelines for treating passengers ( both domestic and international ) for Foggy conditions or any technical reasons etc, resulting in delays beyond 30 minutes , and cancellations . I expect you to ‘instruct’ the airlines with a penalty clause to provide ‘healthy refreshments’, in case of any delay beyond 30 Minutes as per the dietary guidelines . Also, the Ministry of Civil Aviation or the Directorate General of Civil Aviation or the Airports Authority of India must make alternative arrangements for dealing with delayed passengers at your cost (FOC) for making two free phone call ( one at the boarding city and other to the destination city ) to the relatives or friends etc , and for refreshments like hot beverage during winters and cold beverage during summers & a meal for each two hours of delay . AAI and airlines are collecting heavy airport and terminal taxes for each flight that we take. Should it not be a joint responsibility of the airlines and the AAI ? Please set up a toll-free number operational 24 X7 for such complaints .  Need your response on this within 7 days
  2. I was in Bhubaneswar in November to attend a conference which was also attended by ISRO scientists . While we were discussing our travel itineraries , i was informed by them that PSU & government employees are only entitled to travel via NACIL airlines ( Air India & Indian Airlines ). So for travel that could have been done for less than Rs.8500 by any LCA’s ( low cost carriers  ), these people paid upwards of Rs.28000.00 because NACIL airlines does not fly direct to Bhubaneswar . Two questions to your ministry . Private airlines fly to Bhubaneswar ! So for sure , it is a good sector , else the private airlines would never fly on these routes . So did NACIL never consider this Or it stopped flights to this sector for any other  ‘considerations’. Please clarify with details of the review meeting minutes whether this was ever considered ?  Second ; Why should Government employees or PSU’s be allowed to use only NACIL airlines ? Rather i must ask the Ministry of Labour , HRD or the PM through this communiqué , why is there a restriction for government and PSU employees to use only the state-run company services like NACIL or BSNL or MTNL ? Despite this monopolistic practices and captive customers, both these corporations are under heavy losses !! Remember ,  that PSU employee pays Rs.28000.00 instead of Rs.85000.00 for flying with inefficient NACIL airlines . With this , you are being unfair to the market , and we the tax payers are being put to a double loss to encourage the inefficiency and corruption in the PSU backed service providers and still fund their losses !! Please stop this stupid rule . Let us make our PSU sector to be competitive to get customers. Government backed & public funding of the losses must be stopped immediately .Just consider that the Rs.20000.00 extra that the ISRO scientists paid to travel to Bhubaneswar was coming from our money ( taxes ), and despite giving this captive business to NACIL , it continues to bleed every minute , which is again funded  by our monies . You are gonna fund these losses by bailing them from our tax money . My suggestion , government nationalised Air India when it was owned by TATA’s. Last month only ,  Ratan Tata had said that , he was being asked Rs.15 crore to start the airline business . To my surprise , instead of taking this serious investigation further ( you could have got a CBI inquiry done for all the airlines that have got the license , and how much did they paid to get their airline license ? Instead, you asked Ratan Tata to name the minister, thus obfuscating the real issue and letting it die slowly ). Now , you must give NACIL back to TATA’s and let them run it efficiently , and you remain a 40 % financial share holder and don’t meddle in the operations  . We, the tax payers would save our hard-earned money in funding the losses every year , and have a much better experience flying the same airlines under TATA management

Lastly , i have sent a note on October 22, 2010  that healthy foods be served at all airports and all airlines . I am attaching the PDF file in this email , and also pasting some of the action points for your action

Issue guidelines & standards ( and enforce them ) with regards to the food served in airlines , railways , other public transports, government canteens, private dining establishments, School canteens & packed foods ( all forms )

 All such foods / foods items must carry the calorific intake for each serving

 The customer must be given a choice of low-calorie, low glycemic index, and zero cholesterol options rather than forcing them to eat unhealthy foods that adds to the disease burden of this nation.

 Above all, all packaged food companies must carry tips for good health on the individual packs – at least a one liner if not more!!

Detailed note is available on the DMAI – The Population Health Alliance’s website www.dmai.org.in . Link http://www.dmai.org.in/Appeal_DMAI.pdf

I am hoping that you will definitely attend these issues in this year itself

I wish you , family and the team a Marvellous year 2011

CC: PMO / Min of Labour / HRD  / Prominent Leaders of the Opposition


Rajendra Pratap Gupta


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Let not inefficiency , inflation and corruption get into 2011

Dear Mr. Singh ,

Last year was the worst year of the decade, and perhaps after independence due to your weak leadership as Prime Minister.

I read today in the newspapers that, the food inflation is in double digits , i feel it is not just double digits , but a double blow for the poor or medium class fixed earners, whose salary does not increase with inflation . Think about daily wage earners that earn 40-60 Rs a day and manage their family of four ( two children and parents , though we know that poor people have more than  two children !!) ? Do you not feel the guilt , that you have caused irreparable damage to the nation, and its people both economically , and its image in the eyes of the world ? Today we are called a scam friendly corrupt nation – a nation of scamsters!!

People have got carried away with your degrees, but seeing your miserable performance , i have realised the difference between being educated , being knowledgeable and being wise . You might be educated , but you are definitely not knowledgeable and not at all wise ! A Prime Minister is expected to be Wise and pro-active on important issues . You have built your good image , but ruined the nation’s image !

You and Pranab are fooling the people of this nation by showing 8-9 % GDP growth and a higher forecast . Reality is before us, it is difficult to survive for a common man in today’s time when one cannot get anything done without paying money , when one cannot live within his salary seeing the high price of daily food intake . A big Shame on you both and Sonia !!  With such revolting conditions , i am sure you are working for pushing people to take to Naxalism and crime !!

Two days back i was talking to Dr.Murli Manohar Joshi  and discussing the current developments , and i told him that, Dr.Joshi you could have proved to be a better PM ! Incidentally , there is only one Dr. in Congress and in BJP. In Congress ,It is yourself ,  and Dr.Joshi is the Dr. of BJP. I have had a chance to work with him on several issues , and have seen his grasp of real issues facing the nation,  and no wonder , even you have been high in praise for his abilities as PAC , Chairman, besides, other colleagues in congress . I am sure that he would have proved to be a much better Prime Minister . I cannot comment on others , as i do not know other leaders much .

My humble request Manmohan ji, give Indians a chance to celebrate the new year , Please resign and go ……………we do not want more corruption , more inflation and more GDP !!

We would happily settle for no corruption , low inflation or no inflation and a moderate GDP .

Go now Sir , take rest .Let’s celebrate New Year with a new Hope

Hope this does not fall on deaf ears

Wish you a great year ahead

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email : Office@rajendragupta.in


Thank the generous leaders of the opposition that have not asked for your resignation

Dear Mr. Manmohan ji,

More than six years back, we handed the reins of a great country to you, assuming that, you were the person who had turned around India in the late 80’s. It was on the basis of the past credentials that you were asked to be the supreme custodian of the nation, its values, its sovereignty and its 1.2 billion people .  We were wrong , it was Narasimha Rao who did it , and you just got the credit . Also, i presume, that besides devaluing the currency , and giving into the IMF’s demands, you did not have any alternatives , so unnecessarily , you took the credit after being pushed to the wall. Now where is your economic understanding and knowledge in taming inflation , when inflation is killing the common man for over about years now ??

Your men ( ministers)  have looted the nation to the tune of Rs. 3.0Lac crore ( 1.72 Lac in the 2G scam and 70,000 Crore in CWG + other routine scams and bribes will add up to the figure of Rs.3.0+ Lac Crore  , and now you are claiming innocence and stating that you have nothing to hide !!

You cannot hide anything Manmohan ji, you are already exposed by the taped conversations and the reports of the CAG ! The technology ( mobile phone licenses ) which gave your men 1000’s of Crores , that same technology ( Taped phone conversations of Niira Radia ) exposed you bare before the common man !! People are now asking you to go under the scanner to be punished and that’s a fair thing to ask, as the nation has been under siege by your men, who have recklessly looted the nation and thrown the laws to the wind . This in itself shows how serious the issue is ? You come from a party that that have never respected democracy , and still believes that Gandhi family is the start and end of all.  Congress have even strangulated the democracy & its institutions , and  has put to stake the interests of the nation before the interests of the dynasty . Do not forget that Indira became a dictator by imposing emergency , and that’s the party you belong to right now . So when congress arm twists politicians with CBI raids and IT notices , you are just carrying on with the DNA of Indira’s dictatorial policies, that were like ‘ either support us or else get harassed’ . Do you not see that Jagan was denied his father’s role , and Rahul has been appointed the Secretary of Congress due to his Surname !! Does it not prove double standards .

As a head of the gang that has looted the nation of Rs. 3 lac crore ,  you should be thankful to the opposition that they have not asked for your resignation till now . As head of the gang ( basically , what i am saying is that , you are an offender and have committed a crime of betraying the trust of a billion people ) ,  you have no right to decide who will probe you and how ? You are a big fat offender in supreme office  ? You must voluntarily step down and face the law. You cannot be probed till you are in the seat of the Prime Minister .  How can a thief decide who will put him to trial ? and which laws will apply to him ? Aren’t you doing just that ?  You are a miserable failure as a PM on all accounts , and people have just got carried away by your fanciful & foreign degrees and your old age for which you are being respected .

You loot the nation first and then cry aloud that you are as Pristine as the silver clouds in the sky ?

I am marking this mail to the top leaders of the opposition to ensure that they reconsider their demand, and ask for your resignation besides JPC. If the leaders fail to do so , the public will punish them for not caring for the interest of the common man ! Manmohan ji ,  You have failed in your fiduciary responsibility as the custodian of this nations , its democratic values and institutions , and now Sonia , Rahul and you are talking like an opposition party , stating that we will have a five pronged approach to fight corruption ? That too, after systematically looting the nation, you are trying to become saintly policemen ? Were you not the PM when you supported Raja, and said that you are in the loop of all that is happening in the DOT ? You were the one who gave him a clean chit ?  Now , it’s your time to surrender to the law of the land for a fair probe, and that is a reasonable demand from the opposition . In that , i as a common man , am adding one more genuine request . People with questionable credentials and dubious record of governance must immediately resign

Time to pay for your sins

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email : Office@rajendragupta.in


Common Man !!

Dear Rahul,

I read about your definition of the common man at the Congress plenary session . It is rather a matter of shame that, the  Congress has decided to search the definition of a common man after six decades after India became Independent !! Your party has ruled the country for about half a century with absolute power, and your dad used to say in 80’s that,  of every rupee meant for the poor only 15 paisa reaches the poor, and now you say only 10 paisa reaches the poor. So what have you all done for this country ? Your contributions are a serious question mark ?? Now to shadow your failures , you are talking of terrorism !!

We have met twice on your call at 10 ,Janpath  ( Once in March ’10 & second time in Oct’10 , i could not come in July as i was abroad ). Coincidently , Kanishka was present in both the meetings and had told me that i could have fought the elections !! I must tell you that , i have not been impressed by your rhetoric on development or your being a Sipahi for the Tribal’s etc.  Look back , what has congress done to the nation ? In a land of a billion people , if we have to ask the question, to name 10 big business houses ? The person will start answering something like this, Reliance , Tata, Birla , RPG group, Bharti, Vedanta , Sahara …………..and start fumbling for want of more names . Shameful isn’t ? That this should have been the scenario of every state, where we should have created millionaires and billionaires ………….But we just have a handful of tycoons ……..close to the establishment .

But the bigger question is , how & where did these groups become big & make their money ? Answer is simple . They all made their money in natural or government resources (  Steel, Mining , Gas , Spectrum, real estate ). All these resources are owned by the state , and have been either selectively leased or licensed to some tycoons who could bribe the party , politicians and bureaucrats and loot the resources owned by the government . These groups have been created by politicians , and now these groups manage the greedy lot !!

So please do not make tall statements at the public forums . I was having lunch with an industrialist friend from Delhi a week ago, and he thought that i understood the mechanizations at the Delhi’s corridors of power. So quite naively , he asked me ,Rajendra , do you know who is the Mr. Ten Percent in Gandhi Family ? I answered point blank,  ‘No’.

To which he named your brother-in-law !!  Stating that Now a days , Robert Vadra is known to get 10 % , when he is not even worth ten percent . I also heard Tarun Das , Mentor CII, Stating to Niira Radia that , Mr. Kamal Nath takes 15 % cut . He later justified and retracted .But a senior and an elderly Industry spokesperson saying such a thing is a matter of shame for the nation .

You & others have said many things in this plenary , but do you all have a plan ? The malaise is so deep that people will revolt against the powers, should you try to kill the giant whom your family let flourish all these decades ; The Giant call corruption . I understand when Raja made a statement today that ‘ I am not afraid of CBI’ . He knows that, CBI is busy with Jagan Mohan Reddy now a days and Reddy brothers & Yeduyurappa  . It cannot act against its masters !  Else , how will the CBI Chief get his plum post after retirement  ?  We all know that you do not intent to end the corruption my friend !!

Rise up from your slumber and talk sense Prince RG !!


Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email : office@rajendragupta.in

Congress Plenary – Congress shows its double standards

Congress has the  right to crack jokes at its plenary session . How can congress shout at the top of its voice to fight Communalism and corruption , when none others than the congress leaders propagated Communalism and corruption ? The whole idea of this session was to extend the rule of Sonia and role of Rahul , and hide their failures by shouting aloud at non-issues .?

We all know that the deterioration of congress under Sonia’s leadership is its worst ever in its history . She should have resigned from the party than extending her President-ship to five years. What was the hurry after all, if she is such a great leader ? She could have become a President for another 3 years after her current term got over ( Her new term , i presume, commenced only a few weeks back , when congress tore the decades old rule book and elected her as the President for the fourth term ). Two things are clear with such a move  , first that Sonia is insecure about her getting another term, and second , there are tremors within the senior Congress leadership, who were not happy with the current turn of events , and might have questioned Sonia’s inability to tame the moral and electoral downfall of congress  , and the party sycophants silenced them by increasing the term of Sonia – This is congress . No word is heard against the first family and their future off springs !!

Politicising Ram , One is reminded here how the decision to throw open the doors of Babri Masjid first at political level was taken by Rajiv Gandhi under the advice of Mr. Arun Nehru and then the judgement was pronounced by the district magistrate that the doors of Babri Masjid be thrown open which gave rise to a serious problem.

We should also not forget the Congress sponsored Somayagya by Chandraswami at Ayodhya . When Congress failed to milk the Religious issue of Hindu’s , it started provoking and blaming the BJP

My grandfather ( also that my mother was born in Lahore ) was born in what is now called Pakistan , he used to write in Urdu and no Hindu ever questioned him ? It was the leaders of the Congress that divided India in closed door meetings with British on religious lines and started Hindu- Muslim divide ,

It was congress that failed to address the Kashmir issue and the boundary dispute with China ( Nehru shut the door to negotiations on the (India-China) boundary on July 1, 1954″, according to a just-released book by A.G. Noorani based on archival research and hitherto unpublished material ). Nehru’s refusal to negotiate, and the 1960 rebuff to Chou En-Lai when he was visiting and appeared ready to settle the issue — may well have sowed the seeds of the 1962 India –China war, and finally the defeat .

Criminalization of politics was started with Sanjay Gandhi during emergency, and thereafter, this spread like an epidemic. Who killed thousands of Sikhs after the death of Indira Gandhi and got away after decades of blame-free investigation & trail ? Who use to go to meet the Maulana Bukhari before the elections, begging for Muslim votes – Rajiv Gandhi ! See now, this clan (Gandhi ) calls for fighting religious terrorism , and blames Hindu radical groups for fomenting terror !! I have no doubt about what Rahul told Timothy Roemer about Hindu terror groups , and now ,  his mother will use all the government machinery at the center and in the congress ruled states to put RSS and others on the other side of law . This is what Congress is known for . Perhaps , Mahatma Gandhi was right , when he asked to dissolve the congress after the freedom was achieved . May be, he had got a sense of the future tactics of congress ,and he had lost confidence in the powers in Congress , and their ability to run the nation post freedom using the alter of Congress- which i presume Mahatma Gandhi never wanted to happen .

Digvijay’s communally provocative remarks have been summarily dismissed by the Karkare’s family and also by his own congress ruled government in Maharashtra , still congress calls him to the dais to deliver a talk at the Plenary . This is the true face of congress – Double standards . Do something , and run to stop it – posthumously !!

Another glaring example of double standards of Congress comes from the fact that , Congress goes to bed with any party for grabbing power , and then realizes that the partner was not accommodating in the bed and did not have an appetite for congress’s taste . See the case of poor chaps that got trapped and went to bed with Congress and lost their respect later – Lalu, Mulayam , Mayawati …………list will continue as the Congress party lacks character .

After criminally looting India for close to half a century , Gandhi family chooses to shout at the top of its voice to end the problems that have originated from their weakness !! This is the clever strategy to convert weakness into strengths . This is also called Sainthood in old age

Lastly, after 62 years of independence , Congress party has been working hard to  find the definition of the “common Man” !!

Time to expose these corrupt leaders from the Scam Party of India – Congress in itself is a big Scam  !

Rajendra Pratap Gupta


Poor people are looted at the airports – Plan backed by the government

Speed post

December 15th, 2010.

Mr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister

Government of India , New Delhi.

Subject:  Email sent on March 01, 2010, regarding Immigration forms & the loot of the poor passengers at the International Airports in India

Dear Prime Minister,

Please go through the attached email, wherein I brought to your notice, the organized loot happening at the international airports across India. As usual, no action has been taken so far .May is, because the poor people do not have a lobbyist like Niira Radia!!

This is how Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is involved:

The MEA knows well that less than 5 % of the Indians know English, still the immigration forms are printed only in English. The poor Indians who cannot read / write in English are forced to shell out between Rs.20-Rs.60 for the touts to fill the forms.

It is more than six months that I have brought this to the notice of policy makers including your selves, but no action has been taken. Is this how you look after the common-man!! Do you not know how many poor workers travel to gulf countries every day!! They are robbed even before they leave the Indian shores to earn for their families, who are struggling back home at their native place to make both ends meet!

Please let me know in writing why no action has been taken on this complaint? Also, for the past so many decades, why has the government not thought of having immigration forms in Hindi and other local languages? Also can we not have counters for illiterate  people at the international airport, where assistance can be provided to fill in the forms ?

The existing Immigration form does not mention, if the form has to be filled in black or blue ink, please mention this in the new forms right at the top.

Lastly, give me a definite date as to when this be done?

This complaint will be subject to RTI act, if no response is received by January 31, 2011.

In hope of the needful


Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Encl: Email sent on March 1, 2010 & Immigration form


Mr. S.M.Krishna, Minister for External Affairs

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi

Leader of the Opposition, Arun Jaitley (RS), Sushma Swaraj (LS)


Rahul is not at fault – fault lies in his surname !

“My grandmother was behind the creation of Bangladesh”. This was none other than Rahul GANDHI’s remark a few years ago, so when i read his Wiki leak’s revelations about his conversation with Timothy Roemer , i was not surprised .


Firstly , why was he seated next to the Ambassador of the US ? Was there no protocol for seating arrangement or he just grabbed the seat ?
Rahul ventured beyond his role as the General Secretary of Congress and as an M.P. Such comments about terrorism should come either from the Home minister or the Prime Minister . He should have talked about congress and his youth congress , but for sure , not for the nation and its security . Why does he not utter a word against corruption ?


But we must not forget that once you have the surname ‘Gandhi’ , no matter , even if you are insane , you will be the heir apparent for Congress party, that has become a party of sycophants for the Gandhi family …………………….. Competence does not matter in the party , otherwise there are many competent leaders in congress , but once you challenge the first family , you are out .


Last year , i was with a senior politician at Delhi, and i asked him, why do you not promote ‘talent based’ politics in Congress ? To which, he answered ‘ Talented people ( we get some talented people elected to the parliament) are sent to the government as junior ministers or in ‘light’ ministries , and keep the sycophants in the party , because the party runs the government and not the other way round !! This answered my question why was Manmohan elected as the PM , as he is not a politician and would take his directions from the party even for doing wrong things ‘rightly’ and for doing ‘right’ things wrongly , and later take the brick bats without even politicising the issues !
We must wait for the Wiki leaks regarding Manmohan Singh , and that would certainly be more interesting than any of these leaks .


I recall someone from the NDA ( Sharad Yadav perhaps !!) had said during the Bihar assembly elections that, we must dump Rahul in Ganges – Bihar certainly listened him !!


Whenever , this poor chap (Prince RG ) makes statements drafted by his speech writers , he talks sense , but i believe , with Timothy , the discussions were not supported by his speech writers , but were extempore !!


Congress did not replace Rahul despite his irresponsible utterances from Time to time  and his devastating failure in Bihar . Look back , Advani was removed for his utterances for Jinnah, so was Major Jaswant , and finally , Advani stepped down after failure in 2009 elections , but Gandhi family members can commit blunders with impunity and have immunity for any adverse actions being taken against them . Only a few weeks ago, Sonia was elected President for the fourth time , breaking all the rules of the congress party !! That’s the Congress (I)

Judiciary is as inefficient & as corrupt as its top tier in Supreme Court & the top most politician of this nation

Just ask yourself , why do Chief / Justices of Supreme court, Chief Election Commissioners , Chief of Police , Chiefs of Army etc get plum postings after retirement ? Simple answer – they get return gifts for the favors they do when sitting in the hot seat !!

I was chatting with a senior journalist at the India International Centre , New Delhi a few weeks ago, and he had informed me that, it is believed in political & industry circles that , CJI K.G.Balakrishnan decided Mukesh Ambani’s case just before his retirement and made around Rs.450 Crores !! Well, this may not be just the only judgment to make money !!

Also, we can now understand , why In an embarrassment to former CJI K.G.Balakrishnan, Supreme Court judge H L Gokhale today contradicted his claim that he was not aware that it was former Union telecom minister A. Raja, who had tried to influence a Madras High Court judge in a criminal case

In a statement, Justice Gokhale, who was the chief justice of the Madras High Court at that time, said that in his letter to Justice Balakrishanan, the then CJI, he had clearly referred to the name of Raja.

Justice Gokhale ‘s statement totally contradicts Justice Balakrishnan’s claim that there was no mention of any Union minister in the report sent by Justice Gokhale, then High Court Chief Justice, on Justice S Reghupathi episode.

“I regret to say that the allegations are absolutely incorrect,” Balakrishanan had said last week referring to news reports that he had suppressed a letter purportedly written by Justice Reghupathi to him when he was Chief Justice of India.

CJI K.G.Balakrishnan protected Raja and became a Raja himself after bring appointed to the coveted post of Chairman, National Human Rights commission . Had he not protected Raja and done other favours to Congress , do you think he could have got a Cabinet Minister rank post his retirement ?

Think again , why did M.S. Gill become the Union Sports and Youth affairs minister after retiring as the Chief Election Commissioner ? Gill is in his late 70’s. and his youth passed away decades away !! Does he represent the youth of this country ??

Also reason out , Why did T.N.Sheshan not get any cabinet rank post his retirement ? Why did Kalam not get second term as President ? Why did Kiran Bedi resign before retirement ? Also , the current Judges of Supreme court who have questioned the CWG & 2G scam and taken a tough stand to unearth corruption will certainly not get a cabinet rank position post retirement !!

It is being talked in Congress circles , that the former Chief Minister of A.P., K. Rosaiah had resigned on grounds of poor health , and now he is to be rehabilitated as a Governor of some state. So is Raj Bhawan ( Governor’s residence ) meant to house the sick people ? After all , it is our money ( taxes) that support all such sinecure offices . It’s time to question such appointments .

Why is BJP supporting a sick George Fernandez ( he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease ) as a Rajya Sabha member,  when he cannot even recognise who is Arun Jaitley ? Time to question every such decision which takes our hard-earned money that we pay as taxes to run this government !!

Corruption is a trickle down process and starts right at the top !!

Rajendra Pratap Gupta