Poor people are looted at the airports – Plan backed by the government

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December 15th, 2010.

Mr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister

Government of India , New Delhi.

Subject:  Email sent on March 01, 2010, regarding Immigration forms & the loot of the poor passengers at the International Airports in India

Dear Prime Minister,

Please go through the attached email, wherein I brought to your notice, the organized loot happening at the international airports across India. As usual, no action has been taken so far .May is, because the poor people do not have a lobbyist like Niira Radia!!

This is how Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is involved:

The MEA knows well that less than 5 % of the Indians know English, still the immigration forms are printed only in English. The poor Indians who cannot read / write in English are forced to shell out between Rs.20-Rs.60 for the touts to fill the forms.

It is more than six months that I have brought this to the notice of policy makers including your selves, but no action has been taken. Is this how you look after the common-man!! Do you not know how many poor workers travel to gulf countries every day!! They are robbed even before they leave the Indian shores to earn for their families, who are struggling back home at their native place to make both ends meet!

Please let me know in writing why no action has been taken on this complaint? Also, for the past so many decades, why has the government not thought of having immigration forms in Hindi and other local languages? Also can we not have counters for illiterate  people at the international airport, where assistance can be provided to fill in the forms ?

The existing Immigration form does not mention, if the form has to be filled in black or blue ink, please mention this in the new forms right at the top.

Lastly, give me a definite date as to when this be done?

This complaint will be subject to RTI act, if no response is received by January 31, 2011.

In hope of the needful


Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Encl: Email sent on March 1, 2010 & Immigration form


Mr. S.M.Krishna, Minister for External Affairs

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi

Leader of the Opposition, Arun Jaitley (RS), Sushma Swaraj (LS)


Rahul is not at fault – fault lies in his surname !

“My grandmother was behind the creation of Bangladesh”. This was none other than Rahul GANDHI’s remark a few years ago, so when i read his Wiki leak’s revelations about his conversation with Timothy Roemer , i was not surprised .


Firstly , why was he seated next to the Ambassador of the US ? Was there no protocol for seating arrangement or he just grabbed the seat ?
Rahul ventured beyond his role as the General Secretary of Congress and as an M.P. Such comments about terrorism should come either from the Home minister or the Prime Minister . He should have talked about congress and his youth congress , but for sure , not for the nation and its security . Why does he not utter a word against corruption ?


But we must not forget that once you have the surname ‘Gandhi’ , no matter , even if you are insane , you will be the heir apparent for Congress party, that has become a party of sycophants for the Gandhi family …………………….. Competence does not matter in the party , otherwise there are many competent leaders in congress , but once you challenge the first family , you are out .


Last year , i was with a senior politician at Delhi, and i asked him, why do you not promote ‘talent based’ politics in Congress ? To which, he answered ‘ Talented people ( we get some talented people elected to the parliament) are sent to the government as junior ministers or in ‘light’ ministries , and keep the sycophants in the party , because the party runs the government and not the other way round !! This answered my question why was Manmohan elected as the PM , as he is not a politician and would take his directions from the party even for doing wrong things ‘rightly’ and for doing ‘right’ things wrongly , and later take the brick bats without even politicising the issues !
We must wait for the Wiki leaks regarding Manmohan Singh , and that would certainly be more interesting than any of these leaks .


I recall someone from the NDA ( Sharad Yadav perhaps !!) had said during the Bihar assembly elections that, we must dump Rahul in Ganges – Bihar certainly listened him !!


Whenever , this poor chap (Prince RG ) makes statements drafted by his speech writers , he talks sense , but i believe , with Timothy , the discussions were not supported by his speech writers , but were extempore !!


Congress did not replace Rahul despite his irresponsible utterances from Time to time  and his devastating failure in Bihar . Look back , Advani was removed for his utterances for Jinnah, so was Major Jaswant , and finally , Advani stepped down after failure in 2009 elections , but Gandhi family members can commit blunders with impunity and have immunity for any adverse actions being taken against them . Only a few weeks ago, Sonia was elected President for the fourth time , breaking all the rules of the congress party !! That’s the Congress (I)