Auction of Spectrum fails

Auction of Spectrum fails

The attempt of the UPA Government to raise Rs. 40,000 cr via spectrum auction failed  . I had written in detail in October 2012 about the same …… The UPA’s failure is becoming so predictable now ………even for a layman like me !

Read in the link pasted above how the Government has killed the Telecom sector 

Making Delhi safer

Delhi has an area of 1483 Sq. kms and a population of 1.9 Crore, and there are 75169 police men including 5356 women cops . So how can Delhi be made safer ?

So there are 50.68 policemen for each square KM. To me, this appears to be a good number per Sq. km.

Delhi has 149 police stations .

So , if we need to make Delhi secure . We might not need to add more police force just focus on deployment .

There are 617 PCR vans , but out of them 74 are off duty or dysfunctional . So, effective number of PCR vans are 543 . So ,  one Van for every 2.4 KM ( 2.7 KM , if we take out the dysfunctional vans  ) …

So, in a real sense , the Delhi state is not insecure for want of more force , but needs a more ‘effective force’.. I believe, the police personnel are so grossly involved in ‘making money’ , and getting ‘lucrative postings’ and then trying to make good the investment  , that they are not interested in security of the residents in Delhi at all. They are just ‘reactive’ and not a ‘proactive’ police .

I would recommend cutting the police force by 50 % , and increasing the salaries by 50 %,  and getting tough on corruption within  the force would make the things change . Also, we need ‘surveillance’ for politicians and the Delhi police need not provide security to them ,  and their ‘party workers’ should safe guard their leaders and not the police force . Though , the police could train the party workers for the security duty .

Also, each police station should not be having more than 10 police personnel at any point in time including 2 female police personnel

Roping in civil police volunteers with proper back ground check will do the trick of proving more timely action .

Also, FIR’s should be recorded over SMS / online , to avoid the cases of police not registering FIR’s at all . The format for FIR should be available to the public with basis information

Time to think radical to bring about the change

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Financially, India is nearing a melt down

Indian rupee has depreciated more than 20 % against the dollar and nearly 50 % against the Chinese renminbi. Household savings , as a percentage of GDP , have plummeted to a 21 year low……..IIP numbers ,automobile sales & agriculture production are telling the sad story of how upper , middle and lower class are getting into this negative spiral 

Worse could happen , if Pakistan or China ups the military action seeing the financial problems of India ?

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Oxytocin injection and UPA’s financial policies make a perfect analogy

 Indian milkman uses oxytocin injection twice a day to extract milk from his cattle.

Greedy dairymen inject cattle with veterinary Oxytocin to produce more milk. It is used to force the cow to give milk even after severe beatings and stress. However, it destroys the cow’s reproductive system and she goes dry in just 3 years. She is then abandoned.

A substantial part of the oxytocin injected into the cow seeps into the milk. It is very harmful for humans who unwittingly are made to consume an artificially created hormone. Humans face all the harmful effects of this drug. Children are most susceptible to its effects (it is known to have caused imbalanced hearing and weak eyesight). Common symptoms are exhaustion and loss of energy. Expecting mothers should avoid milk that may have been adulterated with oxytocin because:

– Oxytocin increases the risk of post-partum hemorrhage

– Individual women may be hypersensitive to oxytocin and it can inhibit breastfeeding.

– Oxytocin seriously affects the growth of hormones, especially in females, because of which minor girls attain early puberty.

Oxytocin is also found in phenomenal proportions in beef and other meat. Over 75% of all beef are known to have high and dangerous level of oxytocin content.

The Government of India has acknowledged the negative effects of oxytocin and has declared it as a scheduled substance.

But why I am trying to teach you veterinary science?  You must know that FDI in retail, or selling the stakes in Public sector units ( PSU’s ), the one time sale of spectrum, reducing CRR & Chidambaram’s budget are nothing but a dose of ‘Oxytocin’ to our ‘Gau maa’ – Mother India.  We will, for sure, temporarily increase the GDP & show some growth in GDP, but the long-term impact would be painful to our economy. Hope good sense will prevail and we will find ‘sustainable models for rural income and consumption’ & focus on sustainable rural economic model to avoid an overdose of Oxytocin for our economy, which will kill it forever…

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Today it is a fatwa for a girls rock band , tomorrow it will be for singing our national anthem

Anyone is free to practice any lawful activity / profession under the constitution of India . Singing is one such activity / profession. Issuing a fatwa against a consitutional act should be treated anti-constitutional / antinational, and legal action be taken irrespective of caste or religion . Else, someone, someday, will isssue fatwa for not singing our national anthem . We are a progressive nation and cannot accept such regresive fatwa’s in our country

This fatwa business must stop immediately . Only courts can issue orders in India .

Hotels , airports , airlines and the fiscal deficit …. who is the culprit ?

Last month, I came across two interesting news , and I thought that I must put a comparison

29th January , 2013 in The Economic Times , it was reported that , Civil Aviation Minister , Ajit Singh has written 20 letters in 9 months for new airports in Uttar Pradesh to the Chief Minister , Akhilesh Yadav.

In the January 2013 issue of Forbes India , I had also read this interesting quote

“Atal Bihari Vajpayee use to narrate a story from the mid-1950’s when he was a young MP in a parliament led by Nehru. Parliament was debating building The Ashoka Hotel, India’s first luxury hotel t be constructed by the state. In one of the debates, Vajpayee said the job of the Government is to build hospitals, not hotels. Nehru was furious at the intrusion of the junior MP from a virtually non-existent party. He told Vajpayee that he didn’t understand anything and added that the state would build hospitals from the hotel’s profits. Decades later, Vajpayee would joke that the hotel was still making losses ( Shourie’s ministry nearly sold it ) and the state had failed to build enough hospitals .

We know that our current ‘Heavy industries minister’ Praful brought wide bodied dreamliners a few years ago when Air India was already grasping for breath, and last week , the ministry put out tenders for sale and re-lease of these dream liners. Should Praful be a minister or in one of the Tihar cells ?

You are the best judge as to what India needs ? A few politicians are just shooting from the mouth without applying their brains and causing billions of dollars of direct loss and much more opportunity loss indirectly

Shoot first ( without an aim ) ……principle of the Government

Centre for Participatory Democracy

With the UID scheme involving a Rs 5,000 crore rollout in the initial stage, now, it was felt the proposal be subjected to a more detailed examination by a GoM ! Can you imagine how the public money is being spent without having clarity ?  This is not just a blatant loot of the public money , but a plunder more brutal than what Mughals did !  On one side , we have 300 million starving , one the other side , this Government is throwing away the money on its whims and fancies in the name of a common man ?

The Cabinet discussion on Thursday ( 31st January 2013) revealed that , the ministerial panel was not immune from contradictory and blurred perceptions about Aadhaar, as UID is known, with some ministers saying they had received a card along with a number.

Confusion over whether the unique identity number is a number, a card or both, and concerns over UID and the National Population Register duplicating functions prompted the Cabinet to refer UPA-2’s ambitious project to a group of ministers.

Differences persisted as concern was also expressed over duplication or overlap between the National Population Register (NPR) and the UID. Both processes involve a similar collection of biometric data including iris scans.

And this is being done after spending thousands of crores of the hard-earned money, when we have a dangerous levels of external debt and fiscal deficit ?   Why have we not converted NPR into UID ?

This Government follows the principle ‘Shoot without a target’ in the name of the common man.

Most of the Government schemes have been executed with no end in sight and this is what is faulty with the Government .

Time to question this Government

Rajendra Pratap Gupta