Making Delhi safer

Delhi has an area of 1483 Sq. kms and a population of 1.9 Crore, and there are 75169 police men including 5356 women cops . So how can Delhi be made safer ?

So there are 50.68 policemen for each square KM. To me, this appears to be a good number per Sq. km.

Delhi has 149 police stations .

So , if we need to make Delhi secure . We might not need to add more police force just focus on deployment .

There are 617 PCR vans , but out of them 74 are off duty or dysfunctional . So, effective number of PCR vans are 543 . So ,  one Van for every 2.4 KM ( 2.7 KM , if we take out the dysfunctional vans  ) …

So, in a real sense , the Delhi state is not insecure for want of more force , but needs a more ‘effective force’.. I believe, the police personnel are so grossly involved in ‘making money’ , and getting ‘lucrative postings’ and then trying to make good the investment  , that they are not interested in security of the residents in Delhi at all. They are just ‘reactive’ and not a ‘proactive’ police .

I would recommend cutting the police force by 50 % , and increasing the salaries by 50 %,  and getting tough on corruption within  the force would make the things change . Also, we need ‘surveillance’ for politicians and the Delhi police need not provide security to them ,  and their ‘party workers’ should safe guard their leaders and not the police force . Though , the police could train the party workers for the security duty .

Also, each police station should not be having more than 10 police personnel at any point in time including 2 female police personnel

Roping in civil police volunteers with proper back ground check will do the trick of proving more timely action .

Also, FIR’s should be recorded over SMS / online , to avoid the cases of police not registering FIR’s at all . The format for FIR should be available to the public with basis information

Time to think radical to bring about the change

Rajendra Pratap Gupta