Morally weak PM needs a character certificate from the Leader of the Opposition !!

Dear Dr.Singh ,

This has reference to your statement that you are not corrupt . I respectfully disagree . You might have integrity ( in a literal sense ) but definitely , you are not honest !  You must know that integrity is restricted to an individual , but honestly is a relative term.  How do you justify  that,  as head of the government , people appointed by you looted the nation,  and firstly , you were the one who denied any loot & defended them and gave them a clean chit , and now, when they are in jail , how  can you wash off  your hands from the misdeeds of the government & proclaim to be a holy cow !! You are challenging the constitution . Government is a collective responsibility of the PM & his team,  and you cannot absolve yourself from what has happened in the last 7 years under your misrule as  PM for the government, leading the cabinet that was chosen by no one else than yourself !

You have asked the leader of the opposition to scrutinize your wealth accumulated over the last 41 years to prove that, you personally did not make money , and so it should be concluded that you are honest and have not been a part of the criminal conspiracy to make money ! Mr.Singh , you have been a teacher for many years . If in a class , a student loots , rapes and murders a fellow student , will the teacher continue to lecture or would he act immediately ? What matters is the outcome and not the intent Mr.Singh . A teacher like you would let the loot , rape and murder happen and say that, i was looking at the black board and i did not notice what happened in the class and i am not responsible for what happened !!

In your heart you know it well Mr.Singh, that to keep the PM’s chair, you have severely compromised with Sonia Gandhi & many others on what level to fall to run the government  for Congress,  and you failed to run the government for this nation and the common man !!  That’s why congress became richer and a common man was driven to poverty and humiliation !!

Choosing your cabinet is totally your constitutional prerogative , and when your own cabinet colleagues & senior political leaders were writing to you to  not to appoint Kalmadi and prosecute Raja , why were you standing behind them ? When the leader of the opposition asked you not to appoint P.J Thomas as CVC , why did you not listen to her ? And now,  you want the same leader of the opposition to give you a character certificate  of being an honest PM ? Being an honest person and an honest PM are not one and the same !! You are a dishonest PM who let the fellow cabinet colleagues loot the nation and you kept sanctioning them as the PM . In common man’s language  , you are an equal partner in crime ( may not be a beneficiary ) , and no wonder Kani , Kalmadi and Raja want you as a witness for all the sanctions you gave them for making money !!

You knew about the misdeeds and still ignored the written evidence given by your cabinet ministers , leader of the opposition and Dr.Subramaniam Swamy . The ordinary person , a common man like myself believes that either you are not fit to be a PM or you have a mental disorder or you are part of a deeply planned criminal conspiracy from 10 Janpath to dislodge you to make room for Rahul ………

You have accepted that mistakes might have happened but they not intentional . Can an astronaut say the same while he is on a mission to moon ? If ever he did falter , he would not have the chance to defend ! Remember that running a government is like commanding the mission that has no option to falter or fail !!

This government has lost the right to be in power and must go ……i am very sure that with so many sins in your back , your government and the NAC would be looking at a major social scheme for people , so that you could entice them to vote you back in 2014. You have figured out a novel channel to siphon public money in the name of poor . For the first 60 years , congress created poverty , and now for the next 60 years , congress  wants to make money in the name of eradicating poverty ….. shame  shame !

I am not involved in Lokpal or Jan Lokpal ,  but i request you to consider one request . If in any department , company or government , there is a serious charge about corruption or criminal activity , the top man must face the same fate as the one who committed it . So today Anil Ambani must be in Jail and not Gautam Doshi and like wise , Sonia Gandhi and yourself must be in the same jail as your other erstwhile cabinet colleagues are …. with this one rule  , both crime & corruption will certainly end faster & totally !!

Whatever it may be , we will throw your government like we did in Tamilnadu …….…i am sure that you will be at least  honest in writing your memoirs !

Lastly, It is time to announce Bharat Ratan for Anna Hazare for his fight against corruption !!

A Common Man

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Tihar Cabinet & the Race Course PM

Dear Dr.Singh,

Over the last few weeks , we have seen the high voltage drama of frustrated and directionless government, working overtime to figure out what to do ? All these things have ceased to surprise me now .  Be it failure of foreign policy , economy or agriculture prices or fight against corruption !!

You promised one thing and delivered just the opposite ! Rather , you were not capable of even promising , leave alone delivery .

You got all the advisors and top government functionaries from abroad ( may be , you still carry the baggage of Oxford !! )..believing that importing these foreign degree holders would impress investors and set the country to growth …. You actually imported failures !!

Kaushik Sen, Montek , Sam ………and the list is endless ………..The net result …. a lot of jargon on economics, development and poor , but the results on ground just the opposite . Kaushik, the mail is marked to you. You seem to be headless when it comes to economy and how it works ( leave alone economic growth !! ) ….. Your policies are ruining the nation and high inflation has put millions back to poverty  . Please go back to Cornell . …. they may like your teaching , India has paid a heavy price by having you as the Chief Economic Advisor to the PM

Dr.Singh , you  promised us that because of your reforms in 1990’s , you knew it well what could take the nation  to the path of double-digit GDP growth ,  and in reality ‘inflation grew double digit’ & not the GDP !! Common Man got killed every day . We are angry with you… It is clear now that you took credit for what Narasimha Rao did, you have misled the nation  !!

Based on your first 100 day promise,  India was made to believe that , since you were clean you would not get seduced by anyone . On the contrary , the nation got repeatedly raped by none else then your cabinet ministers !! Today , you are the only PM in Indian history , who has the negative distinction of having  cabinet colleagues in Tihar jail,  and few of them outside also deserve to be there – You are running a ‘Tihar Cabinet’ …..

In August 2011, Pune’s infamous Stud farm owner, Hasan Ali  got bail for stashing  black money in Swiss Banks , and the same day, you arrested Anna Hazare for raising voice against corruption !!  Still you expect me  to address you respectfully !! Nation believes that congress and you as PM were a part of a major criminal conspiracy to loot the nation . Today Kani , Raja and Kalmadi are asking you and your Shiela ( Delhi CM ) to be summoned in court in relation to the scams ………lesser i write,  the better for you !!

Rahul says that he is worried about Anna’s health and so do you . So Anna is fasting just a few minutes away from where you stay , if you are genuinely worried , why don’t you and Rahul go and personally see him rather than proving to the people that,  you and Rahul are just ‘Drawing room’ leaders,  who read prepared statements  and reach places to give media interviews after the tragedy has happened !! Yesterday , you wrote to Anna that  ‘you had high regard for his idealism’ ;  If it is so, why did you send him Tihar Jail in the first place !!

Dr.Singh, in my view ,  you have caused immense loss to this nation in terms of money & reputation . We put our heads to shame for having you as our PM. It is time that you raise your hand and go to the nearest judge and surrender ……The right place for the head of ‘Tihar Cabinet’ is Tihar Jail and not 7, Race course road !!

You all are so frustrated with Anna that your official spokespersons have gone wild and mad stating everyone’s ( except congress ) hand in this movement against corruption , right from RSS, BJP and even the USA………..i am wondering why you missed Pakistan’s name ?  I am proud of anyone associated with such  a movement , but i do understand your frustration for saying , “either you are with congress or against corruption” . If you not with us , all enforcement agencies will chase you ……you have set the example by taking Jagan heads on after he left congress . Till his father was alive and with congress , YSR was tallest leader  in congress !! Don’t fool around Mr.Singh …time is up ….

When Murli Manohar Joshi indicted the PM for his complicity in 3G scam , you cried foul and said he was playing politics …….earlier , you well running around all media houses and roaring , that Since a person like Joshi is at PAC , why do you need a JPC ?  The moment he put the truth in PAC , you cried foul…..

Also, Sonia’s repeated absence is circumstantial , and also coincidental ( though i empathize with anyone who is ill ).  Even if she would be around , congress would be no different . When the dust settles down , she will re-appear and cry foul at mis-treating Anna and reprimand Manish Tiwari et. al for the  ‘Head – toe corrupt ‘ remark against Anna Hazare .  It would be made to believe that for Congress , It is only Sonia who can run the show effectively …………and without her , congress flounders and is headless  …… Some credit would be given to her half Indian son Rahul ( i am just quoting Katrina Kaif on Rahul  ).

BJP must ask PM to resign and put an all party caretaker government till the next elections.

It is often said , you can fool some people all the time , all people some time , but not all people all the time !!

Time is up Dr. Singh …….please retire at Tihar Jail and face the system you have abused all these years in the name of Ignorance

Rajendra Pratap Guptar

A Common Man

Why Jan Lokpal bill will not end corruption !!

The Greater the number of statues , the greater the number of thieves and brigands . With one more bill , we will have more people finding out ways to circumvent the system or make more money, with even the hardest of Lokpal bill in existence .

Our current system is already good,  but it becomes ineffective due to few people using it and more abusing it ! So what we need is, more people using the current system then thinking, that the Jan Lokpal bill would be the ultimate solution . Just see that, we have a highly educated and a perceivably honest PM , but the most corrupt & inefficient government in history of the nation 

Let us understand that corruption will not be controlled by Lokpal bill though it is a good step . India needs to have good role models, and understand the laws of nature more than the laws of the land … those who understand the laws of nature would never worry for the laws of the land !!  Ex- CVC chief had said that ,  30 % of Indians are totally corrupt and 50 % borderline . Which means that about 850 million people are corrupt …. and i assume that remaining are victims of the 850 million !!

I have fought the system in the past single-handedly ,and won every time ,without any support from an institution  !! I will never accept that our system is bad . We have a fantastic system …. my advice . Use it …. 

Pass Lokpal bill , but not too sure if someone like  P.J. Thomas or  Manmohan Singh becomes its chief , and then, we have to go for another fast unto death !!

Morality cannot be enforced externally through laws in the current system, it has to be inculcated as an  intrinsic quality !!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Right to Primary & Preventive Care

August 10th , 2011

Dr.Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister

Government of India

7, Race Course , New Delhi 110001

Subject: Right to Primary & Preventive Care

Dear Dr.Singh,


Greetings from the Disease Management Association of India – DMAI, The Population Health Improvement Alliance .


DMAI – The Population Health Improvement Alliance is a not-for-profit organization formed by global healthcare leaders. It is the only civil society organization in India dedicated to chronic disease management in the country, with an objective of overall population health improvement .In the past three years , DMAI has worked at both International level and within India to address the issue of India’s healthcare challenges,  with the support of  patient groups , Industry & policy makers , and wishes to put on record the continuous support DMAI has received from policy makers and the industry .


Your government has been behind some key initiatives like


Right to information Act

Right to Education

Right to Work / Employment

Right to Food


I wish to draw your kind attention to consider enacting, the ‘Right to Primary & Preventive care’ for all citizens of this country, before it gets too late !


The nation is burdened by ‘a catastrophic disaster in slow motion’, moving towards it in the form of a huge population suffering from Life threatening diseases / disorders ( LTD’s ) or Debilitating Chronic Disorders- ( DCD’s ); what is today called the NCD’s ( Non communicable diseases ) .


We are already facing an acute shortage of both, hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure in healthcare delivery , and with our current ‘Baby Boomers’ becoming ‘Patient Boomers’ in the next 15-25 years , we could lose our competitiveness & productivity by over 50 % . India  in 2025 , with over 1.40 Billion population and with over 600 million LTD / DCD patients

would be a burden for the human race if we fail to adopt the Right to Primary & Preventive care, as the basic right for all citizens .


I must also state an electoral reason to accomplish this very important act . It is not just the US that fought the last elections on issue of Healthcare reform , but back home,  Andhra Pradesh and Assam are examples of how healthcare schemes can be a deciding factor for the public to choose who will run their government and so, lets get this ‘Right to Primary & Preventive care’ implemented at the earliest possible.  My detailed note on healthcare reforms agenda available at the DMAI website ( ) , has the details of what could be potentially done in this area . It has to be multi-sectoral and inter ministerial effort & I am sure that this act with vast social & economic implications will be the best thing to do in healthcare !


Also, to keep you posted , I am working on the Chronic Care Bill & the Child Health bill . If all goes as per plan , the draft of these documents will be submitted to the policy makers by end of September 2011


Hoping for a positive response from a responsible government on the ‘Right to Primary & Preventive care !


We remain at your disposal for any help / assistance that you might need on this matter of great national interest


Yours Sincerely

Rajendra Pratap Gupta


H.E. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General , United Nations

H.E. Joseph Diess , President of the UN General Assembly

Hon’ble Deputy Secretary General of the UN General Assembly

Ms. Margaret Chan, Director General, WHO

Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad , Hon’ble Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI

Dr.K. Srinath Reddy , President , PHFI

Dr.Syeda Hameed, Planning Commission , GOI

Sri Sudip Bandopadhyay, MOS- H&FW

Shri K.Chandramouli, Secretary , H&FW , GOI.

K.Desiraju, Additional Secretary , Government of India.

Dr.Sudhir Gupta , CMO, NCD’s. MOHFW.

Board Of Directors , Disease Management Association of India – DMAI , The Population Health Improvement Alliance .