Why Jan Lokpal bill will not end corruption !!

The Greater the number of statues , the greater the number of thieves and brigands . With one more bill , we will have more people finding out ways to circumvent the system or make more money, with even the hardest of Lokpal bill in existence .

Our current system is already good,  but it becomes ineffective due to few people using it and more abusing it ! So what we need is, more people using the current system then thinking, that the Jan Lokpal bill would be the ultimate solution . Just see that, we have a highly educated and a perceivably honest PM , but the most corrupt & inefficient government in history of the nation 

Let us understand that corruption will not be controlled by Lokpal bill though it is a good step . India needs to have good role models, and understand the laws of nature more than the laws of the land … those who understand the laws of nature would never worry for the laws of the land !!  Ex- CVC chief had said that ,  30 % of Indians are totally corrupt and 50 % borderline . Which means that about 850 million people are corrupt …. and i assume that remaining are victims of the 850 million !!

I have fought the system in the past single-handedly ,and won every time ,without any support from an institution  !! I will never accept that our system is bad . We have a fantastic system …. my advice . Use it …. 

Pass Lokpal bill , but not too sure if someone like  P.J. Thomas or  Manmohan Singh becomes its chief , and then, we have to go for another fast unto death !!

Morality cannot be enforced externally through laws in the current system, it has to be inculcated as an  intrinsic quality !!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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