Women / Senior Citizens – Immediate & Important steps that needs to be taken

To: Dr.Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi , Sushma Swaraj, Meira Kumar , Dr.Murli Manohar Joshi via email.

Dear Dr.Singh,

Please pardon me for raising this issue ( this is the only issue for which i have not down much ground work !! ), but i am solely moved to raise this issue , seeing the plight of women passengers squeezed between males across towns in public transport .

I was in Bangalore last week, and when my cab passed by a public transport bus , i could see how we respect our women !! Reservation for women is a good step . But first let’s address the basics

  • Ask all the state governments to start special busses for Women passengers / senior citizens in all towns . You can probably have common buses for Women / Senior citizens
  • The local licenses for toddy ( local fermented drink ) should be banned

I am sure that women being in key positions in India ( President , Chairperson UPA , Leader of Opposition , Speaker of Lok Sabha ) could make this happen sooner than later

Best wishes

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email : office@rajendragupta.in

3 thoughts on “Women / Senior Citizens – Immediate & Important steps that needs to be taken

  1. thanks for the concern … but special coaches are required in METORS too!!!! eg Delhi… metro is a boon but is becoming a bane as more stations are added without increase in the number of coaches so for ladies, condition is pathetic…. wonder how its in mumbai and kolkata???

    hope your concern is noticed…

  2. it is a boon travelling in ladies metor coach:))) though i wish there were more coaches for men!!!! as their coaches looks jam packed to the hilt!!! ladies coach demarcated at the right time with the games and pvt buses being off the road…wonder whether this blog worked or ladies metro coach was in the pipeline!!!! anyways, its a big relief and thanks a lot to whosoever thought and implemented the same:)

    1. thanks Sheela,

      Greetings from Orlando,

      I do not just write the blog, but i reach out to the political leadership to implement the same . I do not ask anything for myself but for the genuine people and their rights . If it worked because of my request or not , i do not know . But things changed – that was the intent

      Good for people .

      Best regards


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