Religion- Who made it ???

No God supports a Religion

Did Jesus build a single church in his lifetime ? Did Ram build a temple ? Did Prophet build a mosque ?

Not a single incarnation of the almighty build a place of worship. We build them after their deaths for meeting our selfish ends and we are reaping the outcomes. All religions and beliefs are meant for guiding our conscience and strengthening it. Not for flaunting it to grab importance , power , positions or property . Today , that’s all we are trying to do by using religion

There are only two religions; man and women and nothing else. There is only one faith , the universal faith of peace , love and forgiveness. No belief tells us to kill or take someone’s life. Infact, all our politicians are totally ignorant of the laws of nature . The day they understand the same , this world will be a much better place to live in and die for.

I hope that we have a divide , a digital divide, a literacy divide & an urban and a rural divide . So that these divides can lead us to equality and progress. Let’s work for it. We need Honesty and not religion.

It’s a call to action

Rajendra Pratap Gupta
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One thought on “Religion- Who made it ???

  1. Hello Sir,
    Your insights are all very true & you are bold enough to share the truth. There are many such beliefs that needs to be rooted out. But I don’t think it can happen top-down, it has happen from the root. I have been following some of the spiritual (non-relegious) philosophies and there seems to be a slow but steady turn of these beliefs. After all it is the mind which is conditioned and is bonded to what they have been told and are continued to be told..

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