Morally weak PM needs a character certificate from the Leader of the Opposition !!

Dear Dr.Singh ,

This has reference to your statement that you are not corrupt . I respectfully disagree . You might have integrity ( in a literal sense ) but definitely , you are not honest !  You must know that integrity is restricted to an individual , but honestly is a relative term.  How do you justify  that,  as head of the government , people appointed by you looted the nation,  and firstly , you were the one who denied any loot & defended them and gave them a clean chit , and now, when they are in jail , how  can you wash off  your hands from the misdeeds of the government & proclaim to be a holy cow !! You are challenging the constitution . Government is a collective responsibility of the PM & his team,  and you cannot absolve yourself from what has happened in the last 7 years under your misrule as  PM for the government, leading the cabinet that was chosen by no one else than yourself !

You have asked the leader of the opposition to scrutinize your wealth accumulated over the last 41 years to prove that, you personally did not make money , and so it should be concluded that you are honest and have not been a part of the criminal conspiracy to make money ! Mr.Singh , you have been a teacher for many years . If in a class , a student loots , rapes and murders a fellow student , will the teacher continue to lecture or would he act immediately ? What matters is the outcome and not the intent Mr.Singh . A teacher like you would let the loot , rape and murder happen and say that, i was looking at the black board and i did not notice what happened in the class and i am not responsible for what happened !!

In your heart you know it well Mr.Singh, that to keep the PM’s chair, you have severely compromised with Sonia Gandhi & many others on what level to fall to run the government  for Congress,  and you failed to run the government for this nation and the common man !!  That’s why congress became richer and a common man was driven to poverty and humiliation !!

Choosing your cabinet is totally your constitutional prerogative , and when your own cabinet colleagues & senior political leaders were writing to you to  not to appoint Kalmadi and prosecute Raja , why were you standing behind them ? When the leader of the opposition asked you not to appoint P.J Thomas as CVC , why did you not listen to her ? And now,  you want the same leader of the opposition to give you a character certificate  of being an honest PM ? Being an honest person and an honest PM are not one and the same !! You are a dishonest PM who let the fellow cabinet colleagues loot the nation and you kept sanctioning them as the PM . In common man’s language  , you are an equal partner in crime ( may not be a beneficiary ) , and no wonder Kani , Kalmadi and Raja want you as a witness for all the sanctions you gave them for making money !!

You knew about the misdeeds and still ignored the written evidence given by your cabinet ministers , leader of the opposition and Dr.Subramaniam Swamy . The ordinary person , a common man like myself believes that either you are not fit to be a PM or you have a mental disorder or you are part of a deeply planned criminal conspiracy from 10 Janpath to dislodge you to make room for Rahul ………

You have accepted that mistakes might have happened but they not intentional . Can an astronaut say the same while he is on a mission to moon ? If ever he did falter , he would not have the chance to defend ! Remember that running a government is like commanding the mission that has no option to falter or fail !!

This government has lost the right to be in power and must go ……i am very sure that with so many sins in your back , your government and the NAC would be looking at a major social scheme for people , so that you could entice them to vote you back in 2014. You have figured out a novel channel to siphon public money in the name of poor . For the first 60 years , congress created poverty , and now for the next 60 years , congress  wants to make money in the name of eradicating poverty ….. shame  shame !

I am not involved in Lokpal or Jan Lokpal ,  but i request you to consider one request . If in any department , company or government , there is a serious charge about corruption or criminal activity , the top man must face the same fate as the one who committed it . So today Anil Ambani must be in Jail and not Gautam Doshi and like wise , Sonia Gandhi and yourself must be in the same jail as your other erstwhile cabinet colleagues are …. with this one rule  , both crime & corruption will certainly end faster & totally !!

Whatever it may be , we will throw your government like we did in Tamilnadu …….…i am sure that you will be at least  honest in writing your memoirs !

Lastly, It is time to announce Bharat Ratan for Anna Hazare for his fight against corruption !!

A Common Man

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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