Hotels , airports , airlines and the fiscal deficit …. who is the culprit ?

Last month, I came across two interesting news , and I thought that I must put a comparison

29th January , 2013 in The Economic Times , it was reported that , Civil Aviation Minister , Ajit Singh has written 20 letters in 9 months for new airports in Uttar Pradesh to the Chief Minister , Akhilesh Yadav.

In the January 2013 issue of Forbes India , I had also read this interesting quote

“Atal Bihari Vajpayee use to narrate a story from the mid-1950’s when he was a young MP in a parliament led by Nehru. Parliament was debating building The Ashoka Hotel, India’s first luxury hotel t be constructed by the state. In one of the debates, Vajpayee said the job of the Government is to build hospitals, not hotels. Nehru was furious at the intrusion of the junior MP from a virtually non-existent party. He told Vajpayee that he didn’t understand anything and added that the state would build hospitals from the hotel’s profits. Decades later, Vajpayee would joke that the hotel was still making losses ( Shourie’s ministry nearly sold it ) and the state had failed to build enough hospitals .

We know that our current ‘Heavy industries minister’ Praful brought wide bodied dreamliners a few years ago when Air India was already grasping for breath, and last week , the ministry put out tenders for sale and re-lease of these dream liners. Should Praful be a minister or in one of the Tihar cells ?

You are the best judge as to what India needs ? A few politicians are just shooting from the mouth without applying their brains and causing billions of dollars of direct loss and much more opportunity loss indirectly

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