Today it is a fatwa for a girls rock band , tomorrow it will be for singing our national anthem

Anyone is free to practice any lawful activity / profession under the constitution of India . Singing is one such activity / profession. Issuing a fatwa against a consitutional act should be treated anti-constitutional / antinational, and legal action be taken irrespective of caste or religion . Else, someone, someday, will isssue fatwa for not singing our national anthem . We are a progressive nation and cannot accept such regresive fatwa’s in our country

This fatwa business must stop immediately . Only courts can issue orders in India .


One comment

  1. Akash

    the ‘common civil code’ as proposed by bjp back in the time of morarji desai does not exist in india and therefore, each culture/religion is allowed to practice their own values. about the constitution of india: ambedkar copy-pasted it from other un nations, rather a good dissertation for his pirated intellect; a mess for the country and its progress! i am wondering about another thing: recently sonia and raul promised a govt job and a flat to the family of rape victim, how is it that a party’s president and vp can promise this but another party not? moreover without any position in active govt they have body guards however, kejriwal doesn’t! how are this law different?

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