Congress Plenary – Congress shows its double standards

Congress has the  right to crack jokes at its plenary session . How can congress shout at the top of its voice to fight Communalism and corruption , when none others than the congress leaders propagated Communalism and corruption ? The whole idea of this session was to extend the rule of Sonia and role of Rahul , and hide their failures by shouting aloud at non-issues .?

We all know that the deterioration of congress under Sonia’s leadership is its worst ever in its history . She should have resigned from the party than extending her President-ship to five years. What was the hurry after all, if she is such a great leader ? She could have become a President for another 3 years after her current term got over ( Her new term , i presume, commenced only a few weeks back , when congress tore the decades old rule book and elected her as the President for the fourth term ). Two things are clear with such a move  , first that Sonia is insecure about her getting another term, and second , there are tremors within the senior Congress leadership, who were not happy with the current turn of events , and might have questioned Sonia’s inability to tame the moral and electoral downfall of congress  , and the party sycophants silenced them by increasing the term of Sonia – This is congress . No word is heard against the first family and their future off springs !!

Politicising Ram , One is reminded here how the decision to throw open the doors of Babri Masjid first at political level was taken by Rajiv Gandhi under the advice of Mr. Arun Nehru and then the judgement was pronounced by the district magistrate that the doors of Babri Masjid be thrown open which gave rise to a serious problem.

We should also not forget the Congress sponsored Somayagya by Chandraswami at Ayodhya . When Congress failed to milk the Religious issue of Hindu’s , it started provoking and blaming the BJP

My grandfather ( also that my mother was born in Lahore ) was born in what is now called Pakistan , he used to write in Urdu and no Hindu ever questioned him ? It was the leaders of the Congress that divided India in closed door meetings with British on religious lines and started Hindu- Muslim divide ,

It was congress that failed to address the Kashmir issue and the boundary dispute with China ( Nehru shut the door to negotiations on the (India-China) boundary on July 1, 1954″, according to a just-released book by A.G. Noorani based on archival research and hitherto unpublished material ). Nehru’s refusal to negotiate, and the 1960 rebuff to Chou En-Lai when he was visiting and appeared ready to settle the issue — may well have sowed the seeds of the 1962 India –China war, and finally the defeat .

Criminalization of politics was started with Sanjay Gandhi during emergency, and thereafter, this spread like an epidemic. Who killed thousands of Sikhs after the death of Indira Gandhi and got away after decades of blame-free investigation & trail ? Who use to go to meet the Maulana Bukhari before the elections, begging for Muslim votes – Rajiv Gandhi ! See now, this clan (Gandhi ) calls for fighting religious terrorism , and blames Hindu radical groups for fomenting terror !! I have no doubt about what Rahul told Timothy Roemer about Hindu terror groups , and now ,  his mother will use all the government machinery at the center and in the congress ruled states to put RSS and others on the other side of law . This is what Congress is known for . Perhaps , Mahatma Gandhi was right , when he asked to dissolve the congress after the freedom was achieved . May be, he had got a sense of the future tactics of congress ,and he had lost confidence in the powers in Congress , and their ability to run the nation post freedom using the alter of Congress- which i presume Mahatma Gandhi never wanted to happen .

Digvijay’s communally provocative remarks have been summarily dismissed by the Karkare’s family and also by his own congress ruled government in Maharashtra , still congress calls him to the dais to deliver a talk at the Plenary . This is the true face of congress – Double standards . Do something , and run to stop it – posthumously !!

Another glaring example of double standards of Congress comes from the fact that , Congress goes to bed with any party for grabbing power , and then realizes that the partner was not accommodating in the bed and did not have an appetite for congress’s taste . See the case of poor chaps that got trapped and went to bed with Congress and lost their respect later – Lalu, Mulayam , Mayawati …………list will continue as the Congress party lacks character .

After criminally looting India for close to half a century , Gandhi family chooses to shout at the top of its voice to end the problems that have originated from their weakness !! This is the clever strategy to convert weakness into strengths . This is also called Sainthood in old age

Lastly, after 62 years of independence , Congress party has been working hard to  find the definition of the “common Man” !!

Time to expose these corrupt leaders from the Scam Party of India – Congress in itself is a big Scam  !

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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