India is 1/3rd of what it is made to believe –

We must consider accepting a new rule which i call the “1/3rd India rule”

It is so relevant & applicable to most of what we measure .

 In India , 1/3rd of the population is beneficiary of reforms . 2/3rd still pays a price for negligence of 1/3rd

 India has 1/3rd of its population living in urban India and the rest lives in rural India

India talks about 500 million cell phone subscribers . Actually, most of them are multiple / unused / dumped sim cards . So the actual number of users could be just approximately 1/3rd of the number projected In India 

Rural per capita GDP is around 1/3rd of the per capita GDP in urban India Even the actual GDP growth is one third of what is shown by the government . If you see for 2009, Agriculture , forestry and fishing grew negative . These three sectors are the basic means of subsistence for 2/3rd of the population . But the government is just working for 1/3rd of the population ignoring a major chunk

 Till we address SME , Agriculture and manufacturing , we will be subject to negative cycles

For most of the schems for upliftment , one third of the funds remain unused , which clearly proves that it is not lack of resources , but lack of governance which is dragging the nation backwards .

 Last year during the recession , and this year due to inflation (exorbitant price rise) , India has pushed more people below the poverty line then we could have thought . Still the government says , India has been unaffected by recession? India still wants to increase the price of fuel ?? We must take our current policy makers to task and question them about the 1/3rd rule that is shaking the economy and dragging us backward . We are among the lucky 1/3rd of the privileged population . It is our duty to raise the standards of remaining 2/3rd .

One thought on “India is 1/3rd of what it is made to believe –

  1. very well said about 1/3 rule.. 🙂
    really impressive way of thinking. . . 🙂
    I do agree with whatever you said except connection between poverty and “hike in petrol price”(In last paragraph, it seems, u r unhappy about petrol price rise). I always wonder why there is a lot of fuss and distress over petrol price rise which is only around Rs.2/litre. It is very negligible amount of money for us but collectively, it can create a gigantic debt for government. Don’t you think so? Due to rise of only Rs.2 per litre, none of us would like to avoid driving vehicle and it hardly affects to the class of people who actually own a vehicle and ofcourse, due to this minimal rise, none of us will skip our lunch or dinner…Those who r poor,won’t be having vehicle… so why alot woes regarding to it..? I don’t understand much regarding to all these but whatever came to my mind, I wrote it down.. but wanna ask you, M I thinking correctly?

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