My queries haunt the Chairman, KVIC & rather than addressing them, he is running away & trying to keep me out of KVIC.

See the points raised in the Board meeting of National Khadi & Village Industries board on 6th April , 2018. I requested that we need  ;

  • White paper be made on ‘all aspects’ of institutional supplies done e.g. ONGC , Railways , Postal department etc.
  • We must move to ‘asset light models’ like franchisees rather than setting up investment intensive Khadi Plazas
  • Productivity of Charkha and looms needs to be focused rather than buying them more and more
  • Out of a total of 455854 artisans only 193598 are having Aadhar linked bank accounts

There are complaints of ghost artisans in the system and this needs immediate attention

  • No schemes are there to add more artisans ( as per the note sent by KVIC dated 28. 02.2018), and so , the growth plans presented are unrealistic and would fail and this has been raised recently by Tamil Nadu Sarvodaya Sangh as well four days back – 2nd April , 2018
  • Meeting in Ahmedabad in January 2018 brought up the issue of the serious shortage of raw material , and this has to be addressed for ensuring that growth is achieved. Else, it will lead to ‘Fake Khadi’ products being sold .
  • As per the data made available on 22 Feb, 2018, Bhopal DSO was showing a profit of Rs.3.88 lac in 2014-15 and the loss was Rs.88000.00 in 2015-16, and now shows a marginal profit of Rs. 5000.00 . Goa has increased losses from 5.84 lac in 2014-15 to 11.03 lac in 2015-16 and Rs.12.23 lac in 2016-17 . When it is a major tourist destination and should have had the best profit margins in the country . This shows that about 30 % of the DSOs ( Khadi Bhawan’s , which are under the direct control of KVIC ) are  almost in loss . This was raised by me in the letter dated 02nd April , 2017 point no 39 were specific to the issue of Bhopal and Goa.
  • We need a Governance and Compliance audit from either of the big four firms on the terms of reference defined by the Commission

You can open the document in the weblink below 🙂

KVIB 6th April 2018

How the corrupt fall to the lowest level

This expose by a senior member of KVIC about how the Chairman , KVIC is doing wrongs and his harassing the honest on   has rattled KVIC Chairman, and he is going hammer and tongs spreading lies. What a shame !!!
A man appointed by Narendra Modi Government misused his position and embroiled KVIC in manipulations and unethical acts .  He was named in the demonetisation scam at KVIC  
on 19th March 2018, and again on 2nd Aug 2018 , the Ministry of MSME send him a letter about  how  the commission exceeded its powers conferred to it under the KVIC act and ended up overstepping its authority in preventing me from attending the commission meetings . This happened as he mislead the commission and he wanted to avoid me from being in the meetings to raise the issues of corruption 
Rattled by such actions taken at MSME Ministry two days ago , he started spreading false news of my removal from MOHFW. The reality is , that i resigned from it on my own , owing to continuous travels and workload in mid June ( 13th June, 2018). 
It is worth pondering , that a resignation 50 days ago does not become news after 50 days  😉 …. so its clear , it his ‘paid team’  is spreading the false news in a little known news daily…’Pioneer’ . What a shame on this manipulator ..Nevertheless ,i will expose more misdeeds of his actions,  and the resultant loss to the Modi government because of his actions and decisions .  No need for silence …
When i took the fight against the corrupt – high and mighty, i was aware that these unethical manipulators would fall to any extent to tarnish my image. Everyone who has worked with me , knows me well and my working principles and not a single person can accuse me of any wrong doing , and so, i am least worried about the spreading of false news by this accused person !!
Working within the framework of rules , i will keep raising my voice against corruption
More documents and audio / video will be made public to get the truth out .

This RTI exposed the reality of KVIC .

Read the RTI document first ;

A & B ) Points to note, that 42.46 % of the artisans of KVIC are not Aadhaar Linked . Despite court orders and the orders for making cashless payments to Artisans , KVIC continued to make cash payments

Also, in absence of the Aadhar linked bank accounts , we don’t know how many artisans are genuine and how many are Ghost artisans ?  I tweeted the same to the PMO on 25th September , 2017

Now , most of the people know why i am feared and avoided at KVIC by the corrupt and the inefficient. As a sitting member of the Commission , i took the hard decision to tweet the PM / PMO . How many can do it in Modi Government !!!

C) When in January 2018 Commission meeting i asked the Chairman / Commission ; do we have the record of how many artisans died in the past three years . There were blank faces all around and i was told, we don’t know how many people have died in the past three years . My next question was ; then how are we making payments ( including cash payments ) and to whom ? Now , people should know why a false complaint was filed against me ?

D) Lastly , KVIC has been making tall claims of creating lakhs of jobs , but this RTI shows that neither lakhs of jobs were created nor there were any plans till Feb 28th, 2018 to add more artisans, but plans were under formulation . This is precisely the reason that i am not being sent any minutes or invited for meetings post Feb, 2018. I am not going to accept fudged data or false statements,  and lastly , i don’t get bullied with name dropping from people. I hope, i have put the facts with proof.



When i put my foot down on KVIC buying three expensive flats for Rs.23 crores in Delhi

From: “Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta ” <emailrajendra>

Subject: Purchase of 3 expensive flats by KVIC for Rs. 23 crores

Date: 8 March 2018 at 8:43:41 AM IST

To: chairman kvic , commission cell , arunk3042 >, narayan.borkataky”`g. chandramouli`, vikasbharti1983  drsangeeta.manihina bhat <>, “`dr.sheila rai`” , cvo@kvic. ceo cell mumbai , chief executive officer , usha suresh >, ushasuresh ushasuresh , b h anil kumar Joint Secretary>, “`d. p. s. negi msme`”`satya narain shukla dy ceo kvic` >, “Rajendra P. Gupta” 

When I had read the agenda papers for the Commission meeting held on 6th March at Mumbai , one of the agenda items was,  purchase of  expensive three flats at Commonwealth Games Village for RS.23 crores by KVIC and the need for the  purchase was not justified.

I have the following submissions for the commission :

1. KVIC is not into the business of real estate

2. Our head quarters and flats for employees are already in Mumbai and hence I see no reason for this proposal to buy flats at Delhi

3. Public / tax payers money has to be used rationally and for the purpose defined in KVIC act . We must therefore invest in rural areas and for promotion of Khadi and Village industries and not invest for purchasing expensive flats

4. If we are in desperate need of three flats . We could rent them and that works out much cheaper

5. This money be spent for rural artisans / training’s / R& D and other important activities that help in increasing the income of artisans

6. I am given to understand that this proposal was approved in the commission meeting. Since I was not present , I must submit my views . The Commission should reconsider the decision .

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Member , KVIC

SFC meetings were a sham at KVIC till i took a tough stand

From: ram narayan  

Subject: Re: SFC meetings

Date: 2 June 2017 at 12:53:04 PM IST

To: Rajendra Pratap Gupta  

Reply-To: ram narayan  

Respected Sir,

The directives/instructions as given by your kind-self vide e-mail dtd. 01.06.2017 has been noted and would be complied with accordingly in future.

the Action Plan of the Marketing is being sent to you separately for your kind guidance and direction. The same is proposed to be place before the SFC in the ensuing meeting to be held on 8th June, 2017 at Mumbai after your kind approval.  

With regards,

(Ram Narayan)

Asstt. Director Incharge (Marketing)   

On Thursday, 1 June 2017 2:11 PM, Rajendra Pratap Gupta < > wrote:

The Concerned officials of KVIC :

1.Please make note that henceforth , before the agenda is placed before the commission , the i/c of the department / project should make a 10 minute presentation

2. SFC agenda should never be placed before the Commission without providing for adequate time for discussion

3. Any agenda with regards to marketing should be brought to my notice ( with all the relevant details ) before presentation to the Commission

In hope of compliance

Rajendra Pratap Gupta