When i put my foot down on KVIC buying three expensive flats for Rs.23 crores in Delhi

From: “Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta ” <emailrajendra>

Subject: Purchase of 3 expensive flats by KVIC for Rs. 23 crores

Date: 8 March 2018 at 8:43:41 AM IST

To: chairman kvic , commission cell , arunk3042 >, narayan.borkataky”`g. chandramouli`, vikasbharti1983  drsangeeta.manihina bhat <>, “`dr.sheila rai`” , cvo@kvic. ceo cell mumbai , chief executive officer , usha suresh >, ushasuresh ushasuresh , b h anil kumar Joint Secretary>, “`d. p. s. negi msme`”`satya narain shukla dy ceo kvic` >, “Rajendra P. Gupta” 

When I had read the agenda papers for the Commission meeting held on 6th March at Mumbai , one of the agenda items was,  purchase of  expensive three flats at Commonwealth Games Village for RS.23 crores by KVIC and the need for the  purchase was not justified.

I have the following submissions for the commission :

1. KVIC is not into the business of real estate

2. Our head quarters and flats for employees are already in Mumbai and hence I see no reason for this proposal to buy flats at Delhi

3. Public / tax payers money has to be used rationally and for the purpose defined in KVIC act . We must therefore invest in rural areas and for promotion of Khadi and Village industries and not invest for purchasing expensive flats

4. If we are in desperate need of three flats . We could rent them and that works out much cheaper

5. This money be spent for rural artisans / training’s / R& D and other important activities that help in increasing the income of artisans

6. I am given to understand that this proposal was approved in the commission meeting. Since I was not present , I must submit my views . The Commission should reconsider the decision .

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Member , KVIC

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