This RTI exposed the reality of KVIC .

Read the RTI document first ;

A & B ) Points to note, that 42.46 % of the artisans of KVIC are not Aadhaar Linked . Despite court orders and the orders for making cashless payments to Artisans , KVIC continued to make cash payments

Also, in absence of the Aadhar linked bank accounts , we don’t know how many artisans are genuine and how many are Ghost artisans ?  I tweeted the same to the PMO on 25th September , 2017

Now , most of the people know why i am feared and avoided at KVIC by the corrupt and the inefficient. As a sitting member of the Commission , i took the hard decision to tweet the PM / PMO . How many can do it in Modi Government !!!

C) When in January 2018 Commission meeting i asked the Chairman / Commission ; do we have the record of how many artisans died in the past three years . There were blank faces all around and i was told, we don’t know how many people have died in the past three years . My next question was ; then how are we making payments ( including cash payments ) and to whom ? Now , people should know why a false complaint was filed against me ?

D) Lastly , KVIC has been making tall claims of creating lakhs of jobs , but this RTI shows that neither lakhs of jobs were created nor there were any plans till Feb 28th, 2018 to add more artisans, but plans were under formulation . This is precisely the reason that i am not being sent any minutes or invited for meetings post Feb, 2018. I am not going to accept fudged data or false statements,  and lastly , i don’t get bullied with name dropping from people. I hope, i have put the facts with proof.



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