How the corrupt fall to the lowest level

This expose by a senior member of KVIC about how the Chairman , KVIC is doing wrongs and his harassing the honest on   has rattled KVIC Chairman, and he is going hammer and tongs spreading lies. What a shame !!!
A man appointed by Narendra Modi Government misused his position and embroiled KVIC in manipulations and unethical acts .  He was named in the demonetisation scam at KVIC  
on 19th March 2018, and again on 2nd Aug 2018 , the Ministry of MSME send him a letter about  how  the commission exceeded its powers conferred to it under the KVIC act and ended up overstepping its authority in preventing me from attending the commission meetings . This happened as he mislead the commission and he wanted to avoid me from being in the meetings to raise the issues of corruption 
Rattled by such actions taken at MSME Ministry two days ago , he started spreading false news of my removal from MOHFW. The reality is , that i resigned from it on my own , owing to continuous travels and workload in mid June ( 13th June, 2018). 
It is worth pondering , that a resignation 50 days ago does not become news after 50 days  😉 …. so its clear , it his ‘paid team’  is spreading the false news in a little known news daily…’Pioneer’ . What a shame on this manipulator ..Nevertheless ,i will expose more misdeeds of his actions,  and the resultant loss to the Modi government because of his actions and decisions .  No need for silence …
When i took the fight against the corrupt – high and mighty, i was aware that these unethical manipulators would fall to any extent to tarnish my image. Everyone who has worked with me , knows me well and my working principles and not a single person can accuse me of any wrong doing , and so, i am least worried about the spreading of false news by this accused person !!
Working within the framework of rules , i will keep raising my voice against corruption
More documents and audio / video will be made public to get the truth out .

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