Mr. Prime Minister , you must go now !

28th November 2010,  via Email

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister of India

New Delhi.

Dear Dr.Singh ,

Over the last few weeks, we have seen that that our hard earned money ( about 40 % of our hard earned money goes to government as direct and indirect taxes ) was been looted more blatantly by our own politicians under your leadership than  by Moguls or Britishers  !!

We are ashamed of your leadership, more so, because you are a highly educated Prime Minister . It was hoped that a highly educated person has become the PM , the politics & governance would be without compromise and would improve , but seeing the massive loot of the our money in IPL, Rotting of food grains ,  naxalite problem , unchecked inflation , CWG , 2G & 3G , MCI expose , Adarsh’ & now LIC , it seems that the game of looting the nation will continue unabated . I still recall that you were the first one to back A .Raja last year , when the issue of 2G allocation was raised , you have stood beside him . Now that post the Supreme court intervention , Raja is gone , what are your thoughts ?

This is the first government in the country where the supreme court had to intervene many times and express shock ( remember the supreme court questioning CBI in Mulayam & Mayawati case , telling the government  to give grains free rather than letting them rot !! & now the silence or patronage of the 2G minister !! ).

Dr.Singh, do not forget that the media reaches till the last man in this nation , and when they hear that the Prime minister lead government has looted lakhs of Crores , the reply in 2014 is going to be worse than Bihar.  Over 400 million poor people do not even get one full meal a day & more than 5 million kids die every year of malnutrition !!

Dr.Singh , in history , you will go down as the most ineffective Prime Minister  . You are the only Prime Minster, who was blatantly used & his position repeatedly abused by the Gandhi family . No wonder, Sonia came to your rescue saying that you are 100 % above board, and that your honesty should never be questioned . Dr.Singh , can you raise your hand and say that you are honest and you lead ministers like Sharad Pawar,  A. Raja , Shashi Tharoor etc………..Your integrity and Honesty is just a matter of your ‘ being an educated & learned person’ and nothing beyond. In the last 7 years that you have lead this country , you have denigrated the government institutions & investigative bodies to mere puppets, and systemically allowed the loot to happen just to retain your chair .  Dr.Singh . It is high time that you resigned and moved on and start writing your memoirs ‘honestly’.

I think it  was  a clever ploy to make you the Prime Minister , so that you could share all the blame for the planned loot  , and when it comes to taking credit for NREGA , food security bill or women reservation bill , it would be the NAC headed by Sonia . ……………You should keep this email for your record . Post your stepping down( whenever it happens ) , you will be the first one in the line of fire from the Gandhi family for your inept handling of security , inflation and corruption . They will be the first one to say that could not understand managing a coalition and became morally flexible and allowed the loot of the nation !!

I also urge the opposition ( BJP ) to work on a program to educate the common man, that we must ensure that the congress is out of power for the next 10 years to get this nation back on track ………from 2014 till 2025 we do not need congress at all .

I am sure that all marked in this email will understand the anger of the common man and act as per our wishes !!

A common man

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

One thought on “Mr. Prime Minister , you must go now !

  1. Dear Shri Prasad,

    It is indeed a rarity for a person who dares to express his views so articulately even if it were unpopular. Nobody, not even the BJP had asked for the resignation of our PM (perhaps for fear of isolation or to avoid the issue getting diluted).

    Congratulations for speaking your mind with such clarity!

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