Why spectrum auctions didn’t take off

A lot of debate and ‘political firing’ has been happening across party lines ( within parties as well ! ) about the wrong calculation of the loss due to spectrum auctions to the tune of Rs1.76 lac crore as computed by CAG, and a mere collection of Rs 9,407 crore this time against the expected Rs.40,000.00 crore has been quoted as the reason. This is a totally flawed argument .

On September 24th , 2012 , our telecom minister announced that, in the new telecom policy , there would be ‘One nation- free roaming’  . This implicitly  indicated that , it  would move to one circle instead of multiple circles !  Taking a cue from the new telecom policy, mobile operators have ‘smart-checked’ the government by not bidding at all for expensive circles like Delhi and Mumbai or remain contended with what they have . As most likely , with this policy of ‘One nation- free roaming’ , all operators would be national players automatically and no need to pay 10’s of thousands of crores ! And this may be the reason for poor collection during these auctions , as the policy environment has changed than what used to be during Raja’s time . You cannot play a game of hockey and apply rules of cricket and decide who wins !

Rajendra Pratap Gupta



Tihar Cabinet & the Race Course PM

Dear Dr.Singh,

Over the last few weeks , we have seen the high voltage drama of frustrated and directionless government, working overtime to figure out what to do ? All these things have ceased to surprise me now .  Be it failure of foreign policy , economy or agriculture prices or fight against corruption !!

You promised one thing and delivered just the opposite ! Rather , you were not capable of even promising , leave alone delivery .

You got all the advisors and top government functionaries from abroad ( may be , you still carry the baggage of Oxford !! )..believing that importing these foreign degree holders would impress investors and set the country to growth …. You actually imported failures !!

Kaushik Sen, Montek , Sam ………and the list is endless ………..The net result …. a lot of jargon on economics, development and poor , but the results on ground just the opposite . Kaushik, the mail is marked to you. You seem to be headless when it comes to economy and how it works ( leave alone economic growth !! ) ….. Your policies are ruining the nation and high inflation has put millions back to poverty  . Please go back to Cornell . …. they may like your teaching , India has paid a heavy price by having you as the Chief Economic Advisor to the PM

Dr.Singh , you  promised us that because of your reforms in 1990’s , you knew it well what could take the nation  to the path of double-digit GDP growth ,  and in reality ‘inflation grew double digit’ & not the GDP !! Common Man got killed every day . We are angry with you… It is clear now that you took credit for what Narasimha Rao did, you have misled the nation  !!

Based on your first 100 day promise,  India was made to believe that , since you were clean you would not get seduced by anyone . On the contrary , the nation got repeatedly raped by none else then your cabinet ministers !! Today , you are the only PM in Indian history , who has the negative distinction of having  cabinet colleagues in Tihar jail,  and few of them outside also deserve to be there – You are running a ‘Tihar Cabinet’ …..

In August 2011, Pune’s infamous Stud farm owner, Hasan Ali  got bail for stashing  black money in Swiss Banks , and the same day, you arrested Anna Hazare for raising voice against corruption !!  Still you expect me  to address you respectfully !! Nation believes that congress and you as PM were a part of a major criminal conspiracy to loot the nation . Today Kani , Raja and Kalmadi are asking you and your Shiela ( Delhi CM ) to be summoned in court in relation to the scams ………lesser i write,  the better for you !!

Rahul says that he is worried about Anna’s health and so do you . So Anna is fasting just a few minutes away from where you stay , if you are genuinely worried , why don’t you and Rahul go and personally see him rather than proving to the people that,  you and Rahul are just ‘Drawing room’ leaders,  who read prepared statements  and reach places to give media interviews after the tragedy has happened !! Yesterday , you wrote to Anna that  ‘you had high regard for his idealism’ ;  If it is so, why did you send him Tihar Jail in the first place !!

Dr.Singh, in my view ,  you have caused immense loss to this nation in terms of money & reputation . We put our heads to shame for having you as our PM. It is time that you raise your hand and go to the nearest judge and surrender ……The right place for the head of ‘Tihar Cabinet’ is Tihar Jail and not 7, Race course road !!

You all are so frustrated with Anna that your official spokespersons have gone wild and mad stating everyone’s ( except congress ) hand in this movement against corruption , right from RSS, BJP and even the USA………..i am wondering why you missed Pakistan’s name ?  I am proud of anyone associated with such  a movement , but i do understand your frustration for saying , “either you are with congress or against corruption” . If you not with us , all enforcement agencies will chase you ……you have set the example by taking Jagan heads on after he left congress . Till his father was alive and with congress , YSR was tallest leader  in congress !! Don’t fool around Mr.Singh …time is up ….

When Murli Manohar Joshi indicted the PM for his complicity in 3G scam , you cried foul and said he was playing politics …….earlier , you well running around all media houses and roaring , that Since a person like Joshi is at PAC , why do you need a JPC ?  The moment he put the truth in PAC , you cried foul…..

Also, Sonia’s repeated absence is circumstantial , and also coincidental ( though i empathize with anyone who is ill ).  Even if she would be around , congress would be no different . When the dust settles down , she will re-appear and cry foul at mis-treating Anna and reprimand Manish Tiwari et. al for the  ‘Head – toe corrupt ‘ remark against Anna Hazare .  It would be made to believe that for Congress , It is only Sonia who can run the show effectively …………and without her , congress flounders and is headless  …… Some credit would be given to her half Indian son Rahul ( i am just quoting Katrina Kaif on Rahul  ).

BJP must ask PM to resign and put an all party caretaker government till the next elections.

It is often said , you can fool some people all the time , all people some time , but not all people all the time !!

Time is up Dr. Singh …….please retire at Tihar Jail and face the system you have abused all these years in the name of Ignorance

Rajendra Pratap Guptar

A Common Man


Elections in Tamil Nadu- AIIDMK Vs DMK

Yesterday I was in Chennai and discussed with some people about the scenario in the April elections for the state assembly

 I was informed that the 2 G money is already showing up , and last week only DMK distributed sarees and stainless steel jar to all the residents of kovilambakkam. Each vote is likely to cost Rs.2000 to 3000 only !!

 When I asked a few people ( professionals who work in different companies that , ‘ Why you all do not oppose such things ?  I was told that DMK has hooligans in their cadres, and opposing DMK means inviting the wrath of these cadres and creating problems for our families !! So it is better we take the freebies & cash and vote them back

 Further , these people said that DMK needs congress desperately , as if Congress is unhappy , DMK will invite action from congress for its illegal activities and black money. If congress is with DMK , State is already under its control and now centre will be blind to all the wrongs that DMK does – It is a win-win for both DMK –Congress . We know the kind of people congress works with and the thing congress supports !! DMK is widely referred as Daily Making Money for Karunanidhi – DMK

 Also, a few weeks ago, I was speaking with a grass root worker from Tamil Nadu , and he informed that DMK has approached a lot of AIIDMK leaders and offered them cash as high as 50 cores and got them to work in AIIDMK and transfer their votes to DMK !! Shrewd & crafty congress allies !!

 So , finally , we know what is going to be used in the state elections in Tamil Nadu & what will be the outcome on April 13. Only Almighty can intervene & swing things differently !!

 Rajendra Pratap Gupta


Mr. Prime Minister , you must go now !

28th November 2010,  via Email

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister of India

New Delhi.

Dear Dr.Singh ,

Over the last few weeks, we have seen that that our hard earned money ( about 40 % of our hard earned money goes to government as direct and indirect taxes ) was been looted more blatantly by our own politicians under your leadership than  by Moguls or Britishers  !!

We are ashamed of your leadership, more so, because you are a highly educated Prime Minister . It was hoped that a highly educated person has become the PM , the politics & governance would be without compromise and would improve , but seeing the massive loot of the our money in IPL, Rotting of food grains ,  naxalite problem , unchecked inflation , CWG , 2G & 3G , MCI expose , Adarsh’ & now LIC , it seems that the game of looting the nation will continue unabated . I still recall that you were the first one to back A .Raja last year , when the issue of 2G allocation was raised , you have stood beside him . Now that post the Supreme court intervention , Raja is gone , what are your thoughts ?

This is the first government in the country where the supreme court had to intervene many times and express shock ( remember the supreme court questioning CBI in Mulayam & Mayawati case , telling the government  to give grains free rather than letting them rot !! & now the silence or patronage of the 2G minister !! ).

Dr.Singh, do not forget that the media reaches till the last man in this nation , and when they hear that the Prime minister lead government has looted lakhs of Crores , the reply in 2014 is going to be worse than Bihar.  Over 400 million poor people do not even get one full meal a day & more than 5 million kids die every year of malnutrition !!

Dr.Singh , in history , you will go down as the most ineffective Prime Minister  . You are the only Prime Minster, who was blatantly used & his position repeatedly abused by the Gandhi family . No wonder, Sonia came to your rescue saying that you are 100 % above board, and that your honesty should never be questioned . Dr.Singh , can you raise your hand and say that you are honest and you lead ministers like Sharad Pawar,  A. Raja , Shashi Tharoor etc………..Your integrity and Honesty is just a matter of your ‘ being an educated & learned person’ and nothing beyond. In the last 7 years that you have lead this country , you have denigrated the government institutions & investigative bodies to mere puppets, and systemically allowed the loot to happen just to retain your chair .  Dr.Singh . It is high time that you resigned and moved on and start writing your memoirs ‘honestly’.

I think it  was  a clever ploy to make you the Prime Minister , so that you could share all the blame for the planned loot  , and when it comes to taking credit for NREGA , food security bill or women reservation bill , it would be the NAC headed by Sonia . ……………You should keep this email for your record . Post your stepping down( whenever it happens ) , you will be the first one in the line of fire from the Gandhi family for your inept handling of security , inflation and corruption . They will be the first one to say that could not understand managing a coalition and became morally flexible and allowed the loot of the nation !!

I also urge the opposition ( BJP ) to work on a program to educate the common man, that we must ensure that the congress is out of power for the next 10 years to get this nation back on track ………from 2014 till 2025 we do not need congress at all .

I am sure that all marked in this email will understand the anger of the common man and act as per our wishes !!

A common man

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

3G & the high speed downfall of the Telco’s

3 G spectrum has been over-sold . Keeping in mind the fact that,  the average yearly penetration of 3 G users has been highest at 5 % in developed countries like Japan. It took them 7 years to increase the penetration of 3G services to 35 %. India is a country with 150- 220 million middle income people , and not everyone requires 3G !!

In India , do we need high speed internet in our daily lives ? We are pretty okay with Blackberry,  emails and voice calls- Just 70 million internet users !!

Industry has perhaps gone overboard to pay “Obnoxious” sums for 3G spectrum.

To ensure profitability , 3G players will have to invade few sectors to make it viable ( trust me , it is a big challenge for immediate future  ). The sectors that need to be invaded are HEART ( Healthcare , Education & Entertainment , Agriculture ,  Rural India & Travel & Tourism , Telemedicine )

People have wrongly understood the first wave of telecom revolution . The first wave came because of the following

  1. Before the cell phones were launched , getting a land line from the government “monopoly” ( BSNL /MTNL ) was difficult – wait times was uncertain & services pathetic even after bribing the lineman the things would not work !
  2. ‘Rich’ people could afford the luxury of a ‘Cordless’ phone, that would have a coverage of 10 or 20 Feet . Suddenly , with a cell phone , people could roam with a phone across India or the world !! I think people in the telecom sector have believed that the craze for 3G would be the same as the first wave for cell phones !! But believe me , it will never happen . I have used cell phone since 1996 , when it was launched and paid an “Airtime’ of Rs.16.40 per minute + normal call rates !!
  3. The actual number of cell phone users are still as per what i call  the 1/3rd Rule ( we just have approximately 200 million cell phone users and not 654 Million, what the Telco’s & the government talk about  )
  4. Handsets to use the features of the 3G are not evolved as yet

Overall, paying and bidding for 3G was a lot easier than to manage the profits out of the networks using 3G. This will leave only two players doing something worthwhile ( Vodafone & “may be” , Mukesh Ambani ). Rest will have to work hard to avoid “Consolidation” of the industry

May be , some players will use 3G airwaves to enhance the voice quality

MNP ( Mobile number portability ) : MNP was delayed for obvious reasons !! But once the system is operational, it will crash due to the overload of the people applying for the same . There is a lot of anger amongst users for poor service quality . People will change the provider not for better service but to vent out anger at the existing service provider.  Some Telco’s will lose millions of users in months ( who gains in the long run is going to be a billion dollar question )  Time to wake up and take corrective action,  and innovate the services !!

Two big challenges 3G & MNP – Head ache of CEO’s of all Telco’s

3G might become the high speed to downfall – Thanks to the myopic government policies and over excitement of the bidders. May be , that’s the reason why MNC’s stayed out of the bidding. Perhaps, they will wait for some companies to bleed, and then, buy them out

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email : office@rajendragupta.in