Elections in Tamil Nadu- AIIDMK Vs DMK

Yesterday I was in Chennai and discussed with some people about the scenario in the April elections for the state assembly

 I was informed that the 2 G money is already showing up , and last week only DMK distributed sarees and stainless steel jar to all the residents of kovilambakkam. Each vote is likely to cost Rs.2000 to 3000 only !!

 When I asked a few people ( professionals who work in different companies that , ‘ Why you all do not oppose such things ?  I was told that DMK has hooligans in their cadres, and opposing DMK means inviting the wrath of these cadres and creating problems for our families !! So it is better we take the freebies & cash and vote them back

 Further , these people said that DMK needs congress desperately , as if Congress is unhappy , DMK will invite action from congress for its illegal activities and black money. If congress is with DMK , State is already under its control and now centre will be blind to all the wrongs that DMK does – It is a win-win for both DMK –Congress . We know the kind of people congress works with and the thing congress supports !! DMK is widely referred as Daily Making Money for Karunanidhi – DMK

 Also, a few weeks ago, I was speaking with a grass root worker from Tamil Nadu , and he informed that DMK has approached a lot of AIIDMK leaders and offered them cash as high as 50 cores and got them to work in AIIDMK and transfer their votes to DMK !! Shrewd & crafty congress allies !!

 So , finally , we know what is going to be used in the state elections in Tamil Nadu & what will be the outcome on April 13. Only Almighty can intervene & swing things differently !!

 Rajendra Pratap Gupta


One thought on “Elections in Tamil Nadu- AIIDMK Vs DMK

  1. I still surprised that many people like you think that 2G money (the so-so mentioned LOSS of 1.7 lac crore & its not a real money that has been transferred to Congress/DMK!).

    The fact is all most all the parties (including BJP, Congress, DMK, ADMK) are well known for the fact of making money (you know these party cant surive without money!! All the business entities push them cash or other sort of gifts to every party (and little more to ruling one!)..

    Coming back, Paying me Rs 5000, i will obviously get the money , but i will be casting my vote to my favorite party alone, not to the party that paid me! So taking money for vote to consideration, it will be just 1 or 2% of voters will affect this.

    DMK, ADMK is tough choice this election.. Both cant have majority.
    From my personal opinion, DMK did a lot of list of good achievements compared to last 2 regime of ADMK (91-96, 2001-2006). People know about Jaya..and they know about Karuna too.
    Vijayakanth was supposed to give a credit up to ADMK alliance, but his drunken speech nowadays make people go away from him!

    What ever it is, again i am saying, niether DMK or ADMK will come in majority.

    DMK needs to depend on PMK, VC & finally Congress. And having congress rule the central, favorable choice will be DMK alliance.

    For ADMK, even though it contest more than 140, chance of wining is 60 seats + vijaykanth 10 + communists few..& finally, it maynot lead upto 120 collectively.

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