India & China : New Super power and the next crisis state

India and China are headed for a new challenge . India has all the ingredients to qualify as the next super power . Unlike the US , Which has arrogated for itself the ‘Big brother’ status , and almost failed as a ‘Responsible super power’. China might have a big ‘Trade Surplus’ but has a huge  ‘Credibility deficit’. With no other credible alternative , it is for sure,  that India can work towards being the next ‘Responsible Super power’ by 2025

China is on the way to be become the victim of the ‘economic crisis’ that has already hit the USA & Europe, and for sure , now its China’s turn !!

Wait and watch

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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3 thoughts on “India & China : New Super power and the next crisis state

  1. Sir
    Very true we have all the ingredients to be ‘THE SUPERPOWER’ and it has been there always.. but the ingredients are all dormant. what we need is activation of all the positive qualities and only then we shall truly live up to our dreams. sir, you must have heard of french revolution, industrial revolution and many other kinds of revolution… but presently what we need is “HUMAN REVOLUTION” Once this happens in each individual, the country will be different altogether. I have started in my own way:) and there are many more, yet very few…

    sheela nayak

  2. I do agree we do have enough potential to grow as world power as we have youth as one of our resources while china’s 70% population is consists of the old people. secondly, our political system is far better than china’s.The day when China’s political system fails, it will spit into 100s of pieces.lastly, China’s impression has been deceitful as it has tried to harm India’s reputation many times…

    for any superpower, a healthy (social, monetary, political, environmental, business, judiciary) environment is necessary.. “Naxalism” is the killing virus which has infected our national health. until and unless we make our country free from it, we can’t even aim for being super power. “Corruption” is another bug which eats up our nation. “Poverty”, “ignorance” , “unemployeement” etc.. are other problems which r to be dealt first otherwise can be the hurdles of our way to become the “SUPERPOER”

    well.. i m eager to see India as “SUPER POWER”.. let’s hope we’ll be able to have that privilege soon…. 🙂

    regards.. 🙂

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