Leading Effective Action Against Diabetes- LEAD

Join the fight against Diabetes. The campaign will focus on

1. Awareness

2. Education

3. Action

Lead will work at three levels A) Consumers  B) Communities C ) Doctors

Please visit http://www.dmai.org.in for more updates

The campaign will be driven under the leadership of Ms. Sangeeta Barde Email : sangeeta.barde@dmai.org.in or lead@dmai.org.in

One thought on “Leading Effective Action Against Diabetes- LEAD

  1. Sir
    thanks for the information!!!! will surly see the sites. but diabetes is mainly due to the change in lifestyle, more stress and pressure at work place with unruly food habits and erratic timings… wonder how many are victims of the same in our call centers.. where the youngsters are taking the plunge with shifts which affect their body clocks too. in fact the HRD team in all kinds of work places should have compulsory health check ups every year for their employees!! till now very few are concerned maybe negligible work places and maybe no HRD at all!! all classes and age groups are affected nowadays!

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