73 murders, One Mine blast – A tribute to our Home Minister

Naxalites kill 73 CRPF personnel:

It is a big loss for each family member who lost these innocent hard workers. My sincere heartfelt condolence and i do hope that our political leaders wake up to reality than making a show travelling in the high security areas. I also hope that the government has given the actual figure on the causalities .

73 CRPF personnel are not ordinary public without arms , if they get killed in such large numbers , it is a warning sign !!

I just need to comment on two points today

First  comment-  that our Home Minister made to the CM of West Bengal that the ‘Buck ends at the CM’. For the entire nation, the buck stops at the PM and his council of Ministers !! We need an answer that why these 73 people were killed ? What kind of democracy is this ? Gun salute that the Home minister has got has shown what it means for the future?

Imagine how the villagers must be living under the fear of guns – Naxalites? How many loots, rapes and murders these naxalites must be committing every day? No one has a clue as there are no officials or police stations functioning in naxals hit areas.

Second Comment : i recommend that  Vineet Jain (Managing Director, The Times of India)as the best fit for being the home minister of India. Reason – A reporter of the Times of India can reach the naxalites leader Koteshwara Rao and meet him whenever TOI wants, but not our force headed by the Home Minister!

Time to wake up friends!

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email: office@rajendragupta.in

One thought on “73 murders, One Mine blast – A tribute to our Home Minister

  1. sir,
    as per my understanding,
    to stop naxalites’ attack on common people, we need to nullify the whole concept of naxalism and we can do that by developement of the underdeveloped segment of our society where Naxalism grows like a bug. we need to introduce millitary control as well to those areas.

    I am completely shocked after listening that they killed 73 CRPF personnel… and don’t know now which step should be taken to bring millitary control over naxalism. Basically , the root of Naxalism stays in poverty.. right? Can’t our government take essential steps to reduce the extent of their poverty and provide them the basic needs of life? Can’t our government provide job opportunities, good food, water availability, education etc to these people? Can’t we solve this problem by having conversation with them?

    If we provide the basic needs what they want, r they gonna stop such massacre?

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