IPL- Politicians are where the money is !

Why are people so surprised at the disclosures coming out of IPL ?
We all know that politicians get into anything that makes money ( read only big money ). Why is Sharad Pawar left out in this scandal- he is the king pin .  ? He would have made less money than Lalit and allowed him to stay ? Money making in politics is hierarchical ! If you all think that only Lalit made money , you are fooling yourselves ?
Imagine , that a person of the stature of  Shashi Tharoor could not resist the big bucks , what about petty politicians who are in this game ? Let CBI investigate everyone on the board of IPL. I am aware who all are there on the board and still i am asking this inquiry .
It is a big ‘white collar crime’ – an organized corporate corruption racket – Bust it and send the chaps to jail
Rajendra Pratap Gupta