Beauty and business – Aviation Sector

Dear Mr.Praful Patel,

When a few months back Jet airways sacked about 1200 air hostess . Seeing these pretty girls crying , you were moved so much that you called the Jet Airways chief and pressurised him to with draw the order. You even went to the extent of black mailing ( by saying that if the airlines needs sops , they need to avoid sacking )

Look here now :

There are about a crore travel agents in India who sell almost 85 % of the air tickets ( as per the report published today in The Economic Times ). They are nearing to get out of business. As the airlines have decided to withdraw the commission on the sale of air tickets and also the surcharge that these agents were levying on air tickets.

Most airlines did away with the 5% commission on Nov 1,2008 forcing travel agents to shift to a fixed transaction fee for every ticket issued. However ,the fixed transaction fee which was in the range of Rs.350 to 2500 a ticket depending upon the class and routes , had also been discontinued from December.

Mr. Patel, India is in a severe recession ( read ) , and putting one crore travel agent’s families out of business is a proof of your inaction and being unpragmatic. Please wake up and get into the act immediately. It’s a call to action


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