Statements of Dr.Man Mohan Singh in the past one week

Some people have called it an aggressive speech , some have been taken aback . I rate Man Mohan Singh as politician under the ‘Learned Handicapped category’ , who can speak well , but cannot deliver physically  .

5 thoughts on “Statements of Dr.Man Mohan Singh in the past one week

      1. so the first one is future indefinite tense and the second one is revealing more than it should!

    1. actually, they delivered on it. indians were expecting something else, something better! ‘congress gandhi’ has been delivering since 1947 in the self-interest and the indians are taken aback or feel cheated. the trend of past 65+ yrs is the evidence and it is surprising to expect anything different from them than what ‘Mai aur Meri Sonia’ or ‘man mohan singh’ said in his speech!

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