Can Gandhi’s actually work for development ?

I was in Lucknow at the BJP headquarters for a meeting with the committee that is drafting the Election Manifesto , and i quoted this data to show that Gandhi’s don’t have the credentials to take UP  ahead in Development :  
Source : January 11, 2012 , TOI. HUNgaMA Report ( Hunger and Malnutrition report ).  Rae Barielly , the bastion of Gandhi’s for generations according to this report  has :
Nearly 20 % of the children aged 0-59 months severely under weight .
40 % are moderately under weight .
One in two children in the same age group are severely stunted , while 70 % of the rest are moderately stunted (shorter than they should be at a certain age) .
Nearly 10 % children are wasted- when a child is too light for its height .
As far as mothers are concerned , 55 % never went to school while 84 % never heard of Malnutrition .
About 10 % of the households have a toilet while over 60 % people have a mobile phone
Firstly , Rahul & Sonia must look at their back yard, and then talk of development !  Their constituencies are the worst in terms of development , taking into account that the most powerful family has been elected from this constituency for decades .  Shame , shame Rahul , Sonia and Priyanka !