How can congress manipulate politics – Read this .


Congress can still implement FDI.
Going by the AICC’s shrewd game , it is clear that DMK is pacified with Kanimozi getting bail ( by the way , what a coincidence !) , now Mamta can get her West Bengal’s loans waived off , so she will also toe the congress line on FDI in retail , and as always,  Mulayam and Maya are actors who are always reimbursed for their role
So , congress may still do with FDI in retail . But this time , more than 40 crore people are watching this policy move and are dead against FDI in retail , and  Congress might fail to have its way .
I was the author of the first draft of the BJP’s election manifesto for Lok Sabha elections in 2009, and so i am sure ,that we promised not to allow FDI in retail and to protect small retailers . We will keep our promise !
Fingers crossed !


Rajendra Pratap Gupta 

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Big Question- Who wrote the FDI in Retail Policy ?

Quote in The Times of  India today:
‘Sources also expressed surprise at the fact that the minister’s statement to both Houses of Parliament did not mention that 30% of sourcing from micro and small enterprises could be from anywhere in the world and not India specific’.
Clearly , it is not something that the Government Officials can author ? The billion dollar question is ‘ Did Wal-Mart Executives write this FDI in retail document ?
Earlier , we all learned that Niira Radia decided the telecom minister port folio, and led the biggest scan in India’s history. Now is Wal-Mart scripting this biggest sell-off of India through FDI in retail ? We all fought the war of independence to stop the economic exploitation from the British Raj, are we not going back to pre-1947 days by privatizing the 350 billion dollar retail industry ? 10’s of billions of dollars would leave Indian economy for foreign shores once retail giants step in . Finally , we will have less money chasing more goods – Simple economics definition means ‘High Inflation’.
Congress leadership needs to answer this question ?
Rajendra Pratap Gupta 

Healthcare I Retail I Rural Economy I Public Policy