Government ( MP’s ) , Government employees & the Common Man !!

A few days back, the members of Parliament got a raise ( Over 300 % ) . Today,  the government employees got 10 % increase in their dearness allowance , and the “poor” Common Man gets to read the headlines that,  the inflation for food items has crossed over 15 %. But Pranab says that , the  economy will grow at 9  % next year

This is the government (of ) MP’s,  (for ) government employees, and  (at the cost) of the common man !! This is what happens when there is “democracy”  for a population that is either illiterate or unemployed or both …………Votes count and voters don’t .

Democracy will function effectively in a population that is literate and employed. Else dictatorship or democracy mean the same !!

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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