Dr.Bamboo – Tall & impressive but hollow – Dr.Manmohan Singh

I think , Dr. Manmohan Singh is like a Bamboo . Tall & Impressive in stature , but hollow .

See what he is doing  ? All across, the country is failing but his image continues to be a hit !

China has decided to do a nuclear deal with our Pakistan ! India has failed to check it

America is not as friendly with India , as it is with Pakistan

Inflation is going up and the government is clueless

Naxalites control 1/6th of India

This government is a failed government and BJP is not reining in the government ! I fail to understand why BJP is not addressing the important issues !!

Dr. Manmohan Singh is the Bamboo Prime Minister !! Time to raise voice and get the right issues addressed

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Email : office@rajendragupta.in

2 thoughts on “Dr.Bamboo – Tall & impressive but hollow – Dr.Manmohan Singh

  1. I do not fully agree with your statement. It seems that you need to do your homework better before writing. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you be the king of pen. Freedom comes with great responsibility! Do not misuse yours. Was the country as whole given to Dr. Singh in an ideal state that you are seeking it coming to normalcy in his tenure at PMO?

    1. ………you cannot counter without data ….. please check the data and then make a statement . Under the leadership of Singh , the country has gone backward and not forward . All indicators prove that.

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