Sanctity and accountability is missing in the Budget – Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Yesterday, i was invited by the Ministry of Finance for an interactive discussion with the Finance Minister . I asked him the following question :

Question :

Pranab Da, Sanctity and accountability is slightly fading with every budget presented before the people .  If we consider the fact that government announces many programs and schemes and delivers partially on a few . Example is the NUHM ( National Urban Health Mission ) which was announced in earlier budget with an allocation of Rs. 50 crore . The money was not used and the program is shelved now

Also , the Telecom minister has failed to allocate  the 3G spectrum for almost two years which could have fetched us Rs.30,000.00 Crore. The market interest loss is in itself approximately  Rs. 3000.00 and Pranab Da you had to add 8 more services to garner an additional Rs.3000 crore this year for taxes. So are we paying for the inefficiency of the people at the helm of affairs ?

Also, You can divest the PSU’s to fulfil the shortfall for your generation and for raising funds  , what will be left for our generation to sell with such a widening revenue and budget deficits ?

It is our ( tax payer’s ) money,  and i need an answer as to what steps the government will take to ensure the accountability of the people at the helms of affairs and the sanctity of the budget . So that my money ( taxes ) are used productively for the progress of the nation ?

Pranab Da  was quite taken aback with such a question but he  did reply in detail and admitted that there has been gaps , and  that a lot needs to be done

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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2 thoughts on “Sanctity and accountability is missing in the Budget – Rajendra Pratap Gupta

  1. We need people who can highlight the glaring gaps between the gaps in the various programs which appear so nice on paper and end up poorly on execution.

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