Mumbai Terror Strike – Root Cause of Terrorism

Misplaced priorities , corruption & lack of public awareness is the root cause of Terrorism

Let’s examine in detail. Our governments and disgraced politicians see vote in every individual and not an individual in every vote. They treat their families as the most important lives and the public as mere statistics. Just try to reason out why politicians are rarely killed ? Because they are heavily guarded and they have the intelligence reports that we know only after the terrorists strike !! Politician’s main goal is to ‘Report progress’, waste public money in press releases for image makeover or getting votes, making money by taking cut in deals or passing orders that benefit the big business houses and moneyed people to further their goals . Clearly the public welfare is not the goal of the politicians . Don’t hope much. If so many ministers have been sacked , it is only because the public anger will cost them votes in the coming elections or these ‘political bastards’ would be standing behind these corrupt or / and inefficient politicians and not dismissing them !!

The Politician- Bureaucrats-Businessmen- religious heads- Criminal nexus is eating the state and good governance in India. Today , all major business houses pay ‘fees’ to solicit political support . Trust me, not a single business house can survive and prosper without political support . All these are nothing but “an all cash deals”. This cash not only fills the political parties coffers but also that of the individual politicians . This money is used to get into power and not the intellectual class votes as many would impress upon us. If a few lakh people light candles and write slogans or shout at Gateway of India . Don’t think it will change the election outcome. As still ,a good 65 % of the rural folks who will be ‘Brought’ by these political parties and directed to stamp the ‘Lotus’ or the ‘Slapping and fearful hand- read congress’. If you want changes , you will have to do a lot more …..That’s why you will find that the public aspirations are never political goals !! There is a clear disconnect. India cannot have an Obama as it is not a ‘Personality’ based political system , it’s a party based political system. Except the ‘Gandhi’ dynasty no one has been able to sustain. There are roads , hospitals and even a Sanjay Gandhi Park in his name . Except being the son of the Prime Minister and a MP for five months ???? Still so many memories in his name ??? What did he do for this nation ?? This is what the World Famous Wikipedia search has in his name .

“Sanjay Gandhi (December 14, 1946 –- June 23, 1980) was an Indian politician, the younger son of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and politician Feroze Gandhi. A controversial figure, he was accused of abuses during the Emergency and died in an aero plane crash shortly after his mother’s return to power. He had been elected to the Parliament of India five months before his death. Sanjay, along with his elder brother Rajiv Gandhi, studied Grades 1 to 6 at the Welham Boys’ School and Grades 7 to 12 at The Doon School in Dehra Dun, as well as in England. Sanjay never attended college, but took up an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce. He was very interested in sports cars, and he also obtained a pilot’s license. While his elder brother Rajiv was building a career as an airline pilot independent of politics, Sanjay chose to remain close to his mother.”

Not let’s examine the corruption : I had raised an issue against the Mumbai Police Commissioner , A.N.Roy ( Currently , Director General Police , Maharashtra ). He had no option but to suspend the two corrupt police men. Though, there was a lot pressure on myself from him to withdraw the case & i did not . I wrote an open letter to him which was published by the media and he had to bow down. Today, one of the policemen who had taken bribe and has returned it later, and was suspended on those charges, is in the personal security of the Deputy CM , R.R. Patil. Whom public thinks is a damn honesty guy – What a joke !! If he is honest , why the hell did he keep Inspector Raju Mane in his staff ??? A.N.Roy is an inefficient officer and there are ample proofs of his incompetence . When the two police inspectors were suspended on my complaint, a few officers appreciated my courage to fight against their ‘Big Boss ( A.N.Roy was the Mumbai Police commissioner at that time) and they became my friends, and revealed to me in confidence , that there were gangs within the police force affiliated to the likes of Dawood Ibrahim , Chota Rajan and Chota Shakeel etc. And that for killing the rival gang members , the police force is ‘decently paid’ by these gangs. Having a police uniform is just a mere a public eyewash. Now you can understand , why despite the fisherman society’s President telling the Maharashtra police about the imminent terror attacks via Colaba fisherman’s village, the police did not act ? Who wishes to lose the ‘Hefty payments’ from these gangs. If policeman own the best of cars, gadgets and houses- Some of the policemen are owning bars and buildings !! Where does the money come from ??? A few days back , a Police inspector had called me on Diwali to wish me and informed that he was trying to get into Narcotics department . We all know ‘Rave parties’ and the use of drugs !! Now we can understand why all this will not stop.? Police is corrupt from ‘Top’ to ‘Bottom’ and most of the posts are ‘Sold’ rather ‘auctioned’. Get a CBI inquiry and all this will come to light .

Now let’s examine the awareness part. After every terror strike, politicians – officers make a announcement that they had warned months in advance, and they were even aware of the ‘target’. Here is the most important issue. First let’s take the case of the recent Mumbai terrorist strike. A lot of government agencies like RAW etc have given similar statements . When RAW came to know that the sea based attack was to happen at Taj Hotel and Oberoi hotel. For sure, that they did not dream this piece of intelligence . It would have come through some people , credible sources , intercepts. Why the hell these people not get into depth or the details. Suppose , you intercept a call. You can trace the caller and track him down till his location- technology today enables you to do it. The call certainly was between two countries and one of them was probably , India . It was easy to catch the guy in India and interrogate him , the terror strike could not only be averted but also have prevented future strikes . Or when the Colaba fisherman’s association President gave a written complaint to the DGP /CM about the probable terror strike. He must have seen a suspicious ‘Jetties or people coming on boats or talking about the same’. So the terrorists were known to us and no one tried to stop them. Allowing them kill 200+ people. If the police would have acted the very day this complaint was filed by the fisherman. The person who aroused definite suspicions must have been arrested , questioned and the Mumbai terror strike would not have happened.

I must ask you , why do we as public not know about such information in advance ? Why it is limited to the so called National Security Advisor or the Intelligence agencies. After all, we all as ordinary citizens die. Government wants public support ? But they do not want to disclose us about the strikes from terrorists ? We can do a better job than these inefficient police and politicians . Hand over the intelligence reports and we will handle terrorist Mr. Manmohan Singh !!

Role of money and where it comes from ? All builders in Mumbai take a portion of the cost of the flat or House as ‘Cash’. This is shared with BMC – CIDCO – Other approval authorities – underworld . Finally, the money paid to Bureaucrats get’s routed to the concerned politicians and the underworld money may be used in the blasts like the intelligence pointed at the involvement of Dawood’s role in the blasts. No need for a CBI inquiry. Just walk into any builders office . You will have all answers

Irony from the government is, that we still do not have a clearly defined policy against terrorism. We must formalize a policy that, INDIA WILL NOT TOLERATE TERRORISM. WE WILL DO ALL TO KILL ANY TERRORIST ENTERING , LIVING OR LEAVING OUR COUNRY. INDIA WILL NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISM. A short ,clear and vocal policy against terrorism is an immediate need.

We cannot afford to wait , the media must play an active role and we will fight to win.

The result of writing this : I may die ( Read killed ) in a suspicious manner !! You might act and try and bring about the change that will have a lasting impact on our and the coming generation. ACT , ACT & ACT NOW or you might lie paralysed or dead in the next terrorist strike.

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Mumbai Terror Strike – Declare Pakistan a Terrorist state

Recent terror strike has proven a few things again.

1. Our politicians are headless and spineless ( Do not talk of respect or self esteem !!! It does not apply to them ).
2. Our police force and intelligence is ‘Unintelligent’ and ‘Corrupt’ from top to bottom.
3. We as voters have failed to do our duty

Let’s note these few lines and not forget them

When Trust is gone , people resort to justice
When justice fails, people resort to power
When power is ineffective, people resort to violence

See America , one 9/11 and then no one had the guts to replay the same. Our country sees it time and again. Nothing new! Living in India is as insecure as living in Kabul or Baghdad !

We have a force ( police and military ) which is corrupt and used by politicians for settling its scores or making money. How can we expect them to deliver ?

None of the Congress or BJP has the solution for these problems . We need to form a new front that comprises of people who want change . It does not mean that we form a political outfit , we must have an ideological agreement to select the candidates that we want , it is not easy , but we have no other choice !!! We must not delay or else , next time when such things happen. We might be mourning the loss of our loved & a dear one !!!

Just think that India is crying foul and saying that Pakistan is responsible for these incidents. But can India not declare Pakistan a ‘Terrorist state’ and sever the diplomatic ties till it hands over Dawood Ibrahim etc ?What holds these idiot politicians from doing this !!

We must have a ‘policy that is documented to fight terrorism’. A written document that states that we will not negotiate with terrorists at any cost, and strike them dead along with whomsoever they hold hostage. So that the terrorists will know, that nothing will work on this land that involves black mailing or terrorism. The trails should be done within ninety days and the punishment should be ‘ Hanged until death’ Nothing less.

We need a government that acts not with compulsions, but according to the circumstances in the best and long term interest of its citizens. Realise this , or regret later.

Rajendra Pratap Gupta