Demystifying the Congress Report card

Clueless government

The 3G auction was expected to raise about Rs.32000.00 crore and it raised about Rs.69000.00 crore !! Normally , the statistical error is expected to be + or – 5 % , and that is the standard accepted level of error. If the government’s projections were left behind by a whopping 100 % , what do you call such a government ? Pranab da can rejoice , but not because of his colleagues or his planning !!

Same happens for inflation : Since the UPA government has taken over in May 2009, the inflation has touched double digits , Government talks like an astrologer that the inflation will come down in the next 6 months ( and this has been the talk for the last one year !! ). It does not tell why and how will the inflation come down ? Also, what is the government doing to bring the inflation down ? The government is heavily depending upon the divine intervention ( rain God’s ). When government launched the Maoist offensive , it was clueless that the entire battalion would be wiped off !! It just expressed its regrets !!

All this goof up when our PM is an Economist from Oxford, Home Minister from Harvard and Montek from World Bank  + we have a lot of professors from Cornell etc. ……………….All theory and no practicality !!

Education reforms : How many people in India actually use or even remember the knowledge of what they study from 10th class till their graduation ? I for sure , did not use my B.Sc degree ( except that for some weird reasons , since graduation was the basic requirement , i have done both the B.Sc and B.A. (Hon’s, Social Sciences ) and even M.A. Prev !! ). I talked to a good number of my ‘well placed’ friends, and they had the same response . That that qualifications did not matter or help them professionally . Majority of the Indian population study for the sake of getting degrees which finally , makes them either ‘highly qualified’ or ‘not with relevant experience’ category . We must look at mapping the ‘Knowledge gaps’ and ‘Skill gaps’ and then do the reforms in education . We are just manufacturing Degree holders and not creating any knowledge pool that has monetary value . Some degrees in graduation should be scrapped totally . We are wasting our time & killing our talent !! Time to understand what India needs ? In most of the company boards i sit , i find that my CEO / M.D. is not able to find the right ( competent ) talent at the lowest level for the job ? Because of this , all major companies lose out . On one side , we talk about unemployment and over a billion population , and on the other side , we are having acute shortage of skilled manpower ? Do we need educational reforms or ‘Skill development programs’ ? Countries like Finland , Israel etc with just a population between 5 to 7 million have more productivity per capita (PPC – sorry if you did not hear this word before !! I coined it in Indian  context ) than India . Unless , India addresses PPC in education reforms , churning out more degrees holders will just add to ‘Educated Naxalites’ in the next 5 years

Demystifying BPL or the Below Poverty line : According to Suresh Tendulkar committee report , poverty line for the rural areas is Rs. 15 and Rs. 19 in Urban areas. Whereas , according to Arjun Das Gupta , any one earning less than Rs. 20 per day falls below the poverty line ( Please correct me for my lack of knowledge ) What can you get in Rs. 20 per day per person ( Tea one cup Rs. 2 , Lunch Rs 10 , Tea evening Rs. 2 Dinner Rs. 10 ) This is the cheapest meal option ( Though ,i still have to find a stall that can serve you such cheap meals ).

Also , with this , i must highlight the following daily requirements:

1. Breakfast – 5 Rs.

2. Lunch – 10 Rs.

3. Evening tea and something to eat – 5 Rs.

4. Dinner – 10 Rs.

5. Clean water to drink , and taking care of the basic hygienic – 2 Rs.

6. Clothes to wear with washing Rs. 5 Per day ( atleast 1500 per year – two sets of an upper garment and an under garment and daily washing will need a minimum earning of Rs. 5 day )

7. Healthcare & Savings for unforeseen contingencies ( Rs. 5 per day )

8. Travel for going to take meals or get to work for earning the daily subsistence is not accounted for

9. Shelter to sleep, with bed sheet and seasonal clothing for winter and rain – 5 Rs / day

So, one needs atleast Rs. 37-50 per day to stay alive on the basics necessities of life On what basis the government calculates the PBL .

I think what C.K. Prahalad mentioned as the ‘Fortune at the bottom of pyramid ‘ , i will phrase it as ‘Unfortunate at the bottom of Pyramid’. The government’s basic responsibility is to create ‘Fortunate at the bottom of the pyramid, and than think of Fortunate and the fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid ‘

Our current Prime Minister is a typical case of good brand and poor performance !!

Time to think practically, and work more Dr.Singh  !!

Rajendra Pratap Gupta


7 thoughts on “Demystifying the Congress Report card

  1. Dear Rajendra
    you are hittin the congress. Below the belt and over the belt! You are wrestling with them in Greaco Roman and free style too. Thats the reason why I am sure that the likes of Manish Tiwari may run away from battle! Keep up the good work.will be using some of the points for Rashtriya swabhimaan.

  2. hey . . . must say, very well calculated the daily income of RS. 37-50… !! he he 🙂
    well, enjoyed reading.. 🙂

  3. sir
    I came across this blog accidently and I must appreciate the viewpoints shared by you, on various issues. Yes, you are absolutely right that the educational system requires a MAJOR overhaul and the process seems to have taken off at least … as in, the courses now offered are a mixture of various subjects unlike a couple of years back say 20 years when even the subjects offered were very much sterotyped. still lots to be done. and action needs to be taken across varous levels and implemented too. and yes, this entire process takes lot of time as well in India, unlike in other countries. If like minded people join hands and take action, nothing like it.

    1. Dear Sheela,

      I appreciate your going through the blog. Thanks for your observations. We are all trying to create and impact, and people like you motivate us . Thank you again

      With best regards


  4. good rajendra Ji… clear observation…. useful for govt to think about it.. but who will think?…. 🙂

    1. thanks Ravi for your going through the blog and putting in your kind words.

      We all are expressing our thoughts and acting on them one by one . I have the opportunity to convey my thoughts from time to time to our policy makers and it works many times .

      Please check the blog on healthcare reforms , and you will see that the major announcements coming from the health minister are from the same document

      Things are happening in India !

      Thanks again

      Best regards


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