Healthcare Reforms in India

Elsevier unveils landmark literature on India’s healthcare reforms – 10 Feb 2016

STM publisher Elsevier recently announced the launch of Health Care Reforms in India: Making Up for the Lost Decade, an authoritative and incisive look at India’s healthcare system from the perspective of Rajendra Pratap Gupta, an expert healthcare observer as well as an influential and respected voice on public policy, innovation and the economy.

A media report cited World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation of 1:1000 as the minimum requirement for doctor-to-population ratio, but The Lancet puts India’s statistics at an average of less than 0.4 doctors per 1,000 population count. There is also a gaping disparity in healthcare support between India’s rural and urban areas, with a supply of only 0.12 doctors to every 1,000 population in rural communities when compared to an urban supply of 1.13 doctors to every 1,000 population.

Health Care Reforms in India: Making Up for the Lost Decade – launched on February 3 to about 200 key academic, pharmaceutical, hospital and government representatives at the Elsevier-hosted ‘State of Health Care Reforms in India’ seminar – documents the development of India’s healthcare sector over the last 65 years and seeks to minimise the disparity by making the case for political priority and policies for universal healthcare coverage as well as an upstream pre-emptive approach to health through technology deployment and enablement.

Book is available on Flipkart I Amazon I Kindle


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