Outsource the registering of FIRs

Dear Justice Verma,

Wish you a very happy new year .

It  is a an open fact that police does not register FIRs to keep their record better for their own good , and desist people from registering an FIR.

It is time that we opt any or all of these three measures ;

1. Online reporting of FIRs

2. Reporting via Mobile phones

3.Outsourcing of FIRs to private players

If we can privatise issuing of passports to TCS, digitisation of post offices to Infosys, issuing of Aadhaar cards to private soft ware companies . Why hesitate from privatising National FIR Reporting  ( NFR) ?

Once the FIR is reported , it should be examined by legal experts and passed on the appropriate authority for action .

Also, crimes happen as police are not in touch with the locals . Suppose a city has 40,000 Sq km area. Administration should depute one police man / women for 1 sq. km, and this police should be connected to all the residents in the area and be responsible for any crime / incident in the area. This is the best way to keep the crimes low and infuse a sense of trust in the system for the common man. Of course, administration could supplement the police with public surveillance and volunteers under each police person

Time to make radical reforms in police :

Rajendra Pratap Gupta 
Centre for Participatory Democracy

One thought on “Outsource the registering of FIRs

  1. you are burdening the govt with an additional responsibility or lets say that it is relieving the govt from one more responsibility. as it is known very prevalently that indian judiciary has failed. asking for e-FIR will require that a citizen be at least literate to understand what, how to write and how to do with the internet/mobile phone. Thus it is either an additional burden to govt to educate the masses to the extent that they can file an e-FIR or it is relieving them from judiciary burden as if masses are not educated then they don’t have any avenues to file an FIR. And then under the RTI and transparency act govt will be obliged to disclose this information to public on their web-site. Will they want their own name being cited for multiple crimes at multiple times and at multiple locations? It is a very bad idea to show the voters who is how much bad?

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