Yesterday, my cab driver in Delhi asked me the reason for rapes like the one that happened recently.

I told him that three major reasons could be;

1. Vulgarity in MEDIA ( 1/3rd)
2. Drinking ( 1/3rd )
3. Weak laws and weaker law enforcement (1/3rd)

Government is responsible for all , and we are equally to blame as we voted this Government to power & relied blindly on it ….

I could see a curfew like situation in Central Delhi in the name of section 144.Which proves how much the Government is afraid of protests ! Time to realise the power of Janta ( Pubic )  !

Also , one thought that came to my mind . If the citizens cause a loss to the public property, we are supposed to pay fine & compensate for the loss . Then why should the Delhi Government not pay compensation to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for shutting down the 9 metro stations for 3 days!

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