Budget or Fudget ?

Thanks Paridhi for regularly reading my blogs and your comments . Regarding your observation on the price rise . Why i am not convinced that this was the best step is because  :

People like you and me do not make 1.2 Billion people . We are amongst the 5 % of the population who can afford a Rs.2 increase in the price or may be even more

  1. For farmers in India , the input cost has gone up for their daily livelihood with subsidies going down . Their cost of living is going up due to inflation, that is going up. Recently , due to hike in fuel prices , the transporters have increased their rates by 15 %. This will be passed on to the consumers . I always hear a famous line from C.K.Prahalad – ‘fortune at the bottom of the pyramid ‘. I must say after this budget , i would call it ‘Unfortunate at the bottom of the pyramid’ . Imagine the lives of such people who would hot have even seen a Rs.500 note ? Who do not know if they will have a meal tonight ? Who are shivering in cold but know that no one will help them with a blanket ? Life is not as easy as you read in the Economic Times of the Times of India ? It is a ‘hell across the bottom of the pyramid’
  2. NAREGA has worked well for congress  and helped it come back to power. As NAREGA was used to legally pay for who vote for congress . People should know the real intent of this scheme . Congress found a clever way to buy voters- No wonder the allocation has been increased for such so called ‘Social schemes’. I am not against congress or its leadership. I am just putting my point across for them to stop saying that out of Rs.100 meant for the poor only Rs. 10 reaches them ? Why ? This statement was made by Rajive Gandhi in 1980’s . So after being in power for 25 years , Congress has not addressed this question !
  3. Pranab Da is the  finance minister is for the urban areas , for rural India , he can be rightly called the ‘Famine Minister’. Due to his policies , the so called BPL families are living in the same condition that prevail during the famines .  Showing increase in taxes does not pave the way for a prosperous nation . I have seen on 27th Feb at Delhi how industrialists behave like Sycophants, and shower heaps of praises on the Finance Minister seeking favours for the industry, and they are not even a bit concerned about the nation
  4. Instead of addressing the needs of the ‘Common Man’ . The definition of the common man has been redefined . Anyone earning above Rs.3 Lac / year is a common man as the budget has gone all out to appease him with the best possible

Instead of budget , it will call it ‘Fudget’ – a fudging of figures in the name of budget.

Please feel free to share your views, and i shall attempt to answer them with my little  knowledge & understanding .

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One thought on “Budget or Fudget ?

  1. hey..thanks.. It is my pleasure to read your blog as it contains fully filtered and precise information combined with your analysis which helps me to understand the things in better way.

    Wow…!! You explained the whole thing in very simple way 🙂 !!
    Now I can understand the importance of debate and distress regarding to “petrol Price Hike”. Thanks for explaining me and making me understand the core of the issue. You cleared out my ambiguities… 🙂

    You said.. This year Budget is not “Budget” but the “Fudget”. agreed… 🙂 but would like to know, according to you, which r the points to be changed in current budget to make it better..?

    Regards 🙂

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