Maharashtra – Drive against non Maharashtrians – Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Maharashtra – Change the name

Over the last two years , Maharashtra has been trying to tell the world that Maharashtra is for Maharashtrian’s and outsiders are unwelcome and unsafe . Raj Thackeray has been sending out his goons to recklessly beat & drive out the poor and weak people who do menial jobs like driving the rickshaws & Taxies , selling fruits & vegetables and working as masons for big builders . Actually, these are the people who run the economy of the state , and their families back home . They did not snatch anyone’s job. Amitabh Bacchhan or Shah Rukh or Mukesh Ambani or Ratan TATA did not make it big in Bombay because they came from outside and snatched someone’s job. They created opportunities for themselves and settled here. Same applies to people from Mahrashtra who are well off and have made good name in all parts of the world !! No one snatches someone’s job .

 It is just the simple rule of ‘Survival of the fastest’. Go to UAE , 70 % Of the population is from India and they are well to do . UAE was built by Indians. Locals in UAE respect and acknowledge the fact that UAE was built by Indians !!

Maharashtra was built similarly If you just look at the word MAHA- RASHTRA and its literal meaning .( English translation: MAHA= BIG , RASHTRA- NATION ). Maharashtra actually means a ‘Big Nation’. I wish people to interpret this state rightly and then play whatever politics works for the prosperity of this state and its people. With such parochial politics of Raj Thackeray at play , may be, it is the right time to rename Maharashtra . Maharashtra was built by Christians , Sindhi’s , Marwari’s , Gujarati’s , Keralites , Kannad etc ………were they not involved in building Maharashtra , it would be a different place then what it is today There are better issues to address if one needs to do politics , and hope that our wise residents of this ‘Big Nation- Maharashtra’  would not get carried away by cheap and short time tactics of the MNS or its affiliates

One thought on “Maharashtra – Drive against non Maharashtrians – Rajendra Pratap Gupta

  1. absolutely… sir.

    It actually feels unfortunate that we have to think about such sort of issue. Before being Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Keralian, Punjabi, Rajasthani etc… , we r Indian and we need to respect that.

    we have to call it “Mumbai” and not “Bombay”…!!
    In cosmopolitan city, government is intended to being unjust to the non-maharashtrians…strenge!!

    I wonder why somebody is so very seclutive and wanna differentiate between Maharashtrian and other indians??? I guess just for the sake of his political throne??!!

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