China the next Super Power ?

Politics had its own history cycles. Let’s peep into the same. Earlier, UK ( Britain) was the only power in the world , then came US and USSR. Now it is just US. But what next ? Who is the next super power ? It does not take much brain to figure out that China is the next super power unless USA does something magical.

Population wise, growth in the economy wise, loans to America , products of China are on every shelf in every part of the world. No doubt, China , if it can escape the current financial turmoil is the next super power and India should be watchful in its relations with China .

If China wishes , it can collapse US in a matter of weeks and US knows it well .

Let’s see how china escapes the current financial crises to become the next global super power.

Mumbai Terror Strike – Declare Pakistan a Terrorist state

Recent terror strike has proven a few things again.

1. Our politicians are headless and spineless ( Do not talk of respect or self esteem !!! It does not apply to them ).
2. Our police force and intelligence is ‘Unintelligent’ and ‘Corrupt’ from top to bottom.
3. We as voters have failed to do our duty

Let’s note these few lines and not forget them

When Trust is gone , people resort to justice
When justice fails, people resort to power
When power is ineffective, people resort to violence

See America , one 9/11 and then no one had the guts to replay the same. Our country sees it time and again. Nothing new! Living in India is as insecure as living in Kabul or Baghdad !

We have a force ( police and military ) which is corrupt and used by politicians for settling its scores or making money. How can we expect them to deliver ?

None of the Congress or BJP has the solution for these problems . We need to form a new front that comprises of people who want change . It does not mean that we form a political outfit , we must have an ideological agreement to select the candidates that we want , it is not easy , but we have no other choice !!! We must not delay or else , next time when such things happen. We might be mourning the loss of our loved & a dear one !!!

Just think that India is crying foul and saying that Pakistan is responsible for these incidents. But can India not declare Pakistan a ‘Terrorist state’ and sever the diplomatic ties till it hands over Dawood Ibrahim etc ?What holds these idiot politicians from doing this !!

We must have a ‘policy that is documented to fight terrorism’. A written document that states that we will not negotiate with terrorists at any cost, and strike them dead along with whomsoever they hold hostage. So that the terrorists will know, that nothing will work on this land that involves black mailing or terrorism. The trails should be done within ninety days and the punishment should be ‘ Hanged until death’ Nothing less.

We need a government that acts not with compulsions, but according to the circumstances in the best and long term interest of its citizens. Realise this , or regret later.

Rajendra Pratap Gupta