Economy post-COVID

Dear Prof. Gupta,

I finished reading your thought-provoking book ‘Tough Choices & Hard Decisions’ today. As usual, it is well written and easy read. It captures your passion for India’s growth and keeps the reader glued to the book. It has a mountain of data – I am amazed you could collect them in nine days and also finish the book.

You have suggested many innovative ideas worth considering. I read them with great interest especially your suggestions on bureaucracy. Many of them are worthy of serious debate by the persons concerned namely the Government and civil servants; and if the debate is constructive, concrete outcomes are possible.Surprisingly, you have left out the damage done by the political class to the general deterioration – maybe, it is too obvious to be discussed. The choice of bureaucratic leadership is generally based on the capability to say yes, rather than on delivery.
Please accept my congratulations on your fascinating book. I do hope that it will bring about some change, although I tend to be pessimistic, given my age.

With warm regards,

Former Home Secretary

Government of India