Worst Prime Minister India has ever had & the worst President Congress ever had

A few days ago , the Prime Minister defended that, during the appointment of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC ), he was not aware of any charge-sheet against him , this is despite the fact that, Sushma Swaraj clearly raised an objection to the  appointment of Mr.Thomas as CVC  based on the charge-sheet.

Now ISRO says, that it had kept the cabinet in dark on the deal with Devas. This office is with the Prime Minister . I am sure that all of us realize by now that , this Prime Minister is no more than a rubber stamp of Sonia , who has no inclination to go into facts and take action . In fact, this is the worst Prime Minister India has ever had , and Sonia is the worst President Congress had ever had .

Sonia is Queen of Corruption and mother of all scams & Manmohan is a lame duck PM 

Both must resign and go

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

What’s Happening ??

Dear National Leaders,

For the last couple of months , we are seeing a ‘high octane’ battle being fought between the parties for two issues ‘ Corruption in congress and unchecked inflation’. As a common man , I am worried that this great nation is going to dogs because of the lack of governance in the ruling party , and lack of outcome based action in the opposition ( which needs to unite for a national cause ) .

The current government is a serious threat to the national security One side , Rahul Gandhi says that Congress will fight corruption , and Sonia says that she has a five pronged strategy for fighting corruption , one the other side , we see that congress goes and co-habits with DMK for the Tamilnadu elections, and the government is shy of disclosing the names of 17 account holders in Swiss banks , so it clearly tells what kind of five pronged approach congress has to fight corruption .

Arrest of Raja by CBI is a tactic by congress , CBI is not a prosecuting agency, it is an investigative agency.If congress was serious , the system would have sent him to judicial custody – I am sure that intelligent people who understand the mechanization of congress , get the meaning.

My biggest worry is that Indian military is getting weaker day by day , and we are waiting for an attack to happen , India could face serious losses and a major setback , if that were to happen. I do hope that BJP will take action . Scams can be handled , may be, even some lost money could be recovered. But if we are attacked by a foreign power and we fail , We would have lost it all.

Congress has to go now and so has to the Gandhi Dynasty from Indian politics . I would suggest BJP to start Egypt like movement so that our Hosni Mubarak’s ( Gandhi’s ) and Mohammad Bin Tugluk ( Manmohan ) go soon , and the country can be put back on track We don’t want our great nation to suffer more .

 Please get your act together

A Common Man

Rajendra Pratap Gupta