Mumbai airport – A true reflection of India

When you land at Mumbai next time , do peep below to get the aerial view of Mumbai- A true reflection of India .  On one side , you have dozens of aeroplanes , and the other side hundreds of Slums . That’s India .

The government will remove the slums shortly, but the poverty will not go ,it will be shifted from the eyes of the viewer. You will have swanky buildings coming up on the slums- may be a new runway or another terminal etc. So after a few months, if a visitor lands in Mumbai and sees that there are no slums , he or she will imagine India growing much faster , slums disappearing …. Poverty vanishing off fast , faster than China .

Think before you imagine the real India . We are doing cosmetic changes and these do not impact the health of our nation

We need change at the grass roots .

We are still far – far away ………….

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

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Increase in prices for the common Man- Solution

Price increase of basic commodities – Solution

Recently , we heard what Sharad Pawar said . ‘ I am not an astrologer to predict when the prices will come down’. He also stated that, t is the collective responsibility of the cabinet and not just his to take the blame’

With this , two things are clear :

One , he agrees that he has no plan to control prices, and Secondly, the government does acknowledge his wrong policies that lead to increase in prices. The blame must go to the failure of the congress government to take care of the common man. More people may die due to high price of basic food stuff this year

I suggest that we have a State Food pricing Authority in each state to fix the price of Agricultural products and the same should be strictly enforced . This department should be entrusted with the Public Distribution system . All this should come under Central Food Pricing Authority as it will involve imports and exports in some cases. The price for each and every agricultural produce like wheat , rice , pulses and vegetables should be fixed annually by the authority .

No trader should have the right to charge on the whims and fancies, and all the prices should be as fixed by state food pricing authority with the involvement of the Central Food Pricing Authority. 

Food Should be made the Fundamental right . After all , we don’t expect the Hungry person standing up and asking for right to freedom , equality ,etc.. etc….Food first ……………country later……..

Hope it works Rajendra Gupta ————————————————————————

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