A call to action

A debate has started following the sad demise of constable Subhash Tomar whether he died of a cardiac arrest or due to injuries from the protestors ? If the police says , that the constable died of injuries inflicted by the public, it is a proof of the inefficient Delhi police ! If amidst such a tight security, a police constable can be thrashed and he dies , Can we leave the security of public in the hands of Delhi police who cannot save themselves ? This should immediately lead to reforms in the police administration . My cab driver ( who is friends with a constable from Chandni Chowk area ) told me, that the posting of a constable in Chandni Chowk area cost Rs. 50 lac , and the posting is for two years only , and that a constable in his first year of service in Delhi police buys his car ! What kind of safety or service are we expecting from such a corrupt police !

Even our ‘Thek Hai’ Prime Minister realised that besides himself , the home minister and others also had daughters only after a week of the gruesome gang-rape ! If the PM justifies the anger of public then why did the Delhi police press charges of murder against 8 protestors ? There is no correlation between the situation and actions on ground and PM’s address to the nation from door-darshan !

Government should be prepared for the worst in the times ahead …..Hope that the good sense will prevail soon, and Government will shun its arrogance, and think realistically and act practically with the speed needed at this juncture . Youth of the nation cannot be convinced anymore with speeches and debates on TV . It is a call to action !