Rahul to play a bigger role !!

It is not just about Rahul playing a bigger role now ! Rahul has always been more powerful than the Prime Minister . Remember , when Congress won the election in 2009 , Manmohan Singh was requesting this MP to join the government ! 

Does PM ever request an MP to join the Government ? It is the PM’s prerogative to choose his cabinet and his colleagues  !

 It is the MP’s that always keep pestering the PM for a minister’s post !  But as i said , Rahul was always more powerful than the PM , So PM had to beg this MP to join the government 

So the talk of Rahul playing a larger role in the party is a part of the  careful ‘succession planning’ by the cancer stricken Sonia Gandhi ……also , we must not undermine the fact that , sympathy waves have always played a big role in the victory of congress !!

May be, 2014 can witness one again !


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